JVBL - Souvenir 2007 - A Divine Treasure Within You

Published: 30.01.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

JVB London - Souvenir 2007

A Divine Treasure Within You

As you think, so you feel. And as you feel, so will you be. When you want to be something, think and work on an idea for a long time and you will accomplish it.

In Preksha meditation, Acharya Mahaprajna has given us a program - the practice of Mangal Bhavana. It is an auspicious, positive prayer not only for us but the universe as well. Training oneself to do this in a proper manner, we can generate positive feelings and therefore become more helpful towards ourselves.

Mangal Bhavana has nine elements - Shree (spiritual wealth & values); Hree (self- discipline); Dhee (wisdom); Dbriti (patience); Shakti (strength); Sbanti (peace); Nandi (bliss); Tejab (radiance); Shukla (purity). These nine elements or Bhavanas are within each of us. To improve these qualities within, practise the following:

Approach to wealth and lustre

  • Wake up early before sunrise
  • Avoid harsh words
  • Practise seed Mantra 'Shree'

Approach to self-discipline and self-control

  • Practise seed Mantra Hree
  • Lack of ego and greed
  • Practise Sarvendriya Sanyam

Approach to intellectual power

  • Lack of reaction
  • Less eating
  • Less speaking

Approach to patience

  • Practise long breathing
  • Give yourself some quiet time
  • Practise patience

Approach to peace

  • Practise white colour meditation
  • Think before acting
  • Sitting still for a while

Approach to bliss (enduring pleasure)

  • Practise humming sound
  • Not to put others in problem
  • Living beyond the memory and dream

Approach to radiant power

  • Tolerate heat and situations
  • Sunrise-colour meditation
  • Be polite

Approach to purity

  • Positive attitude
  • Forgive and forget
  • Cleansing aura through meditation

Approach to strength

  • Practise Yoga and Pranajama for improving vital force
  • Take care of your digestive system
  • Avoid excessive cold & hot drinks

Stress, illness and negative emotions are the 'fast growing ailments' of the 21st century. These are also the causes of increasing violence in our lives. By practising Mangal Bhavana success is assured and that contributes towards keeping non-violence alive in this day and age.

JVBL, Souvenir 2007
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