HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 00.1 The Schedule

Published: 13.11.2006
Updated: 08.11.2012

It is a good tradition to visit regularly one's Guru to get new spiritual inspiration for day-to-day life. Our last visit to H.H. Acharyashree Mahaprajna and the Sangh was about two years ago, and we felt that time has come to give fresh energy to the spirit. From this moment on, we started to plan the tour to India around this event, trying to meet all our friends. See what has come out until now and see why HereNow4U office will be closed for four weeks.

Rajasthani Dinner in Jaipur

HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - Schedule

Day Date Destination Arr/Dep by Time Note/Contact
Monday 13.11.2006 Berlin Departure flight 07:10 office closed till return.
Monday 13.11.2006 Delhi Arrival 23:00 Swami Dharmanandji,
Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Delhi
Tuesday 14.11.2006 Delhi
Wednesday 15.11.2006 Delhi Departure Train 2302 17:00
Thursday 16.11.2006 Kolkatta Arrival 10:45

Sushil Kumar Bafana,
HN4U correspondent Kolkatta

mobile: 09231648992

Friday 17.11.2006 Kolkatta
Saturday 18.11.2006 Kolkatta Departure Train 2301 16:55
Sunday 19.11.2006 Delhi Arrival 9:50h Swami Dharmanandji,
Monday 20.11.2006 Delhi Departure Car morning
Monday 20.11.2006 Taranagar Arrival Car afternoon Guru Darshan of H.H. Acharyashree & the Sangh
Tuesday 21.11.2006 Taranagar Join Ahimsa Yatra
Wednesday 22.11.2006 Satyu Foot Ahimsa Yatra
Thursday 23.11.2006


Foot Ahimsa Yatra
Friday 24.11.2006 Tamkor Foot Ahimsa Yatra
Saturday 25.11.2006 Tamkor Departure Car morning
Saturday 25.11.2006 Ladnun Arrival Car evening JVBI University and Mumukshu Center
Sunday 26.11.2006 Ladnun Departure Car morning
Sunday 26.11.2006 Jaipur Arrival afternoon

Balwant & Prem Mehta,

mobile: 91-98294-18190,
Shivani & Sanjeev Bothra and Tagore Hospital Jaipur

Monday 27.11.2006 Jaipur
Tuesday 28.11.2006 Jaipur
Wednesday 29.11.2006 Jaipur Departure Train 2980 20:40h
Thursday 30.11.2006 Surat Arrival 10:16h Surat friends, including Mahima Bokariya,
HN4U correspondent
Friday 01.12.2006 Surat Departure Train 2926 11:00h
Friday 01.12.2006 Mumbai Arrival 15:25h Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanu & Pramodaji
and friends in Mumbai
Saturday 02.12.2006 Mumbai
Sunday 03.12.2006 Mumbai Departure flight 12:05h
Sunday 03.12.2006 Goa Arrival 13:05h Relax & charging batteries for long cold German winter
Monday 11.12.2006 Goa Departure flight 17:00h
Tuesday 12.12.2006 Berlin Arrival 11:55h office starts next day

23.11.2006 - 26.11.2006:

Change in schedule:
To meet Samani Dr. Mangal Pragyaji we had to leave Ahimsa Yatra for 24 hours hurrying to Ladnun and back.

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