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Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya

Published: 28.02.2012
Samani Dr. Mangal Pragya, Samani Dr. Mangal Prajna, Samani Mangal Prajnaji


Since 2011 :
  • Sadhvi Dr. Mangal Prajna

Religious and Personal Background

Samani Mangal Pragya is a disciple of His Holiness Acharya Sri Mahaprajna and a member of the Saman order. A Saman represents purity, equanimity and self-restraint.

Born on April 5th, 1962 in Momasar, Rajasthan (India), she was initiated (Diksha) by His Holiness Sri Tulsi in the year 1984 at the age of 22 after six years Diksha training as Mumukshu.

Academic Background

Samani Mangal Pragya achieved her Masters in Jainology, Comparative Philosophy, and Religion in 1987, her Ph.D. work was on ‘Philosophical concepts of Jain Agamas’. For many years, she was the Director of M.S. Anekant Shodhpeeth of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute – the first and only Jain University recognized by the Indian Government and the University Grants Commission. In July 2006 she was appointed as pro-vice-chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute.
She knows ancient Indian languages such as Prakrit, Sanskrit, and Pali as well as modern languages - Hindi, Gujarati and English.

Overseas Tours

  1. Asian Countries – Hong Kong, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.
  2. European Countries – U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and Malta.
  3. U.S.A. and Canada.

Her field of activities are in teaching and training the ‘Science of Living’, Preksha Meditation, and Jainology in schools, colleges, and universities. She has presented papers in national and international seminars and conferences, and has also been interviewed on Radio, T.V. and Newspapers.


Two books on Jain Philosophy:

  1. Arhati Dristi (Hindi)
  2. Vratya Darshan (Hindi)

More than 50 articles in research journals and newspapers


Samani Dr. Mangal Pragya conducts her lectures in a very simple and practical language although she is very knowledgeable. She has organized many workshops and camps of Preksha Meditation, ‘Science of Living’, peace and non-violence.



  • Jain Vishva Bharati [JVB] - Iselin, NJ - USA


  • Jain Vishva Bharati [JVB] - Iselin, NJ - USA upto end of March 2005
  • India
  • In December 2005 appointed as acting vice-chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (JVBI), deemed university, Ladnun, Rajasthan.


  • Her appointment as acting vice-chancellor was provisionally for two weeks only. In these two weeks, the selection committee agreed finally to nominate and appoint former vice-chancellor for a second term.
  • On 17th July 2006 appointed as academical as well as administrative pro-vice-chancellor of JVBI.
  • September 2006 acting vice-chancellor of JVBI
  • October 2006 vice-chancellor of JVBI

2007 - 2011

  • Vice chancellor of JVBU


  • Sadhvi Diksha 06.02.2011 at Rajaldesar


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