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Samani Prasanna Pragya

Published: 06.11.2012
Prasannaprajñā, Samani Prassana Prajnaji


Born: 15.06.1965, Kaloo, Rajasthan, India

Terapanth Info

Diksha: 22.10.1989, Ladnun, Rajasthan by Acharya Tulsi


Qualification M.A. In Prakrit Language And Literature
Current Status Disciple Of Acharya Mahashraman
Capabilities Expertise in languages: Hindi, Rajasthani, & English and can understand Sanskrit, Prakrit, Gujarati & Russian
Expertise in Yoga & Meditation
Has deep knowledge of Jain Philosophy and Conduct
Skillful in conducting camps, seminars, workshops, conferences & conventions in:
  • Jain Philosophy, Practice & Conduct
  • Yoga & Preksha Meditation
  • Values development
  • Personality Development
  • Time management, Stress management, Self management, Anger management
  • University Student Workshops: LSE, Warwick, York, Cardiff, SOAS
  • Occupying role of spiritual nun in Terapanth Sect for last 20 years
  • In charge of JVB London centre for last 4 years
  • Publications: "Ek Or Prerna" (Stories for youth)
  • Edited : English Pratikraman, Arhat Vandana
  • Conducting contact classes for JVB University, Ladnun, India
  • Attended the Launch of ‘Jain Manuscript’ Catalogue at Buckingham Palace
  • Attended ‘Ahimsa Day’ celebrations at House of Commons
  • Attended World Congress of Faiths, World Peace Conference (Cyprus)
  • Attended Sept.11 tragedy memorial service in Washington D.C.
Places Traveled
  • Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Dubai, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Cyprus, UK, Nepal & throughout India
2004 JVB Orlando - USA
2005 India and abroad
2006 JVB London (since August 13th 2006)
JVB London
JVB London
2009 JVB London
2010 JVB London

Sadhvi Diksha: 05.11.2012, Jasol, Rajsthan, India

Now: Sadhvi Prasanna Yasha


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