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Ananda Bhavana

Published: 27.04.2005
Updated: 24.01.2012
Ananda Bhaavana

Ananda Bhavana

Reiteration of Bliss

Anando me Varshati, Varshati

Bliss is flowing in my Inner Self

No me dukkham - no me dukkham

I have no suffering at all

Shantam Chittam - Labdham, labdham

My mind is full of serenity

No me tapah - No me tapah

I have no regrets at all

Shakti Shrotah, Pradurbhootam

My inner power is manifesting itself

No me Dainyam - no me Dainyam

My distress is over

Antah Chakshu, Labdham, Labdham

My inner vision is awakened

No me rati - no me ratsi

There is no darkness within me

No me dukkham - no me tapah

I have neither suffering nor regrets

No me dainyam - no me ratsi

I have neither suffering nor darkness

Shantah krodah, shantam manam

My anger is waining away, my ego is dispelled

Shanta maya, shanto lobdah

My deceit is fading, my greed is subsiding

Shantam papam, udita shaktih

My sins are reducing, my power is manifesting

Udita rijuta, udita mriduta Simplicity and humility are awakened in me

Udita tushtich, udito dharmah

Contentment is reinforced and spirituality is awakened

No me dukkham, no me tapah

I have neither suffering nor regrets

No me dainyah, no me ratrih

My sufferings have vanished; the darkness is over

Oodita dharmah, moditam chittam Spirituality has been awakened; the mind is blissful

Muditam chittam, muditam chittam

The mind is full of bliss; the mind is full of bliss



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