Ahimsa Yatra : Mandi Govindgarh

Published: 19.04.2006
Updated: 30.07.2015

Mandi Govindgarh, 19.04.2006

H.H. Acharyashree & Ahimsa Yatra entered the town of Govindgarh with a big procession for their three days stay. Govindgarh is the birthplace of the sixth Sikh guru Hargovindsingh Saheb. The big leaders of Sikh community welcomed H.H. and Ahimsa Yatra. To keep H.H. in memory, the street Kukra Majara Road has been named into Mahaprajna Marg. The chairman of the Municipal Committee said that the whole community has got new guidance from the sermons of H. H. Acharyashree.

The reception from the town was held in Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, which was attended by all the prominent citizen of the town. Some of them spoke of the mission of non -violence, expressed their gratitude, and offered their felicitation to H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna.

H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna said that today's man knows the power of violence and is engaged in increasing the stock piling by violent means. All the power of man is engaged in manufacturing destructive weapons. If this money had been spent for training in non-violence, poverty would have been eradicated. We can observe from the world history that where wars have been fought, they all finished after a certain period. The man had at last found out that it is better to settle peacefully.

After the Mangal Geet of Samaniji, the secretary of TUP, Sri Sandeep Jain, welcomed the gathering. The president of Punjab Sabha and the President of Mahasabha expressed their opinion. The Punjab Govt. secretary said that the Ahimsa Yatra of H.H. Acharyashree is a blessing for the people of Punjab. The Finance Minister of Punjab expressed his gratitude towards H.H. Acharyashree for having the Yatra from one village to another and awakening the non-violence values, truth and peace among the masses. The young generation under the influence of intoxication is getting valuable guidance from H.H. This is his greatest contribution for the people of Punjab. Punjab University's vice-chancellor said that it is the greatest pleasure for all to have a saint like Acharya Mahaprajna among them.

Acharya Mahaprajna said in his sermon that Lord Mahavira has described three types of persons. Some people do not follow any rule, some follow them in totality, and between both of them, some follow the rules partially. The first take the vow that they will not indulge in unethical practices. But there is a competition in having more and more consumption. Millions of Rupees are spent in marriages. This is an offence to the society. This gathering should think on this matter and draw some guidelines to bring austerities in such functions.

Punjab is in the grip of intoxication and there is no discretion in the eating habits. Therefore, it is a place where more work in this regard has to be done. There should be installed worship places, when there are no monks and nuns, the devotee can sit in these place and do spiritual practices there.

Mandi Govindgarh, 21.04.2006

A Sarva Dharma Sammelan (All Religion Gathering) was organised on the grounds of Government Girls Senior Secondary School in presence of His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna, founder of Ahimsa Yatra.

Addressing the gathering, His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna said,

“As I see all the religions in front me, my contemplation is stopped because there can not be 2 truths. Truth is eternal and hence why all religions? Religion is only one, but the sections are different. The observation methods are different, but the aim is uniform and the solution of all the problems is only one, to be free from everything. All the religious holy books preach the same, then why there is a difference?

The prophets and saints established the religions, they pursued devotion and preached devotion, but today people fight for paltry matter based on religious sections believing themselves to be very religious and pious. His Holiness Acharya Tulsi Saheb had written that one could worship God by being good to all. The problems arise among disciples and followers, not among religions. Politicians are fighting among themselves. Science has progressed exponentially as it is very practical. Religion was also practical and hence it had progressed in the past. At present, religion has remained no longer practical and as it has become vocal only, resultantly it has lost its importance. It is very difficult to find true religion. It is mandatory for religious people to gather and become the solution providers for the people at large. They should confine themselves to the branches and leaves of a tree and not consider themselves the roots of the tree. Ego, anger, greed, fear and hatred are the main causes of all evils and problems. No solution can be achieved till we do not find the remedies against such evils. Our aim and orientation should be towards the solutions of the basic and fundamental problems of human life. All members should sit together and contemplate on the solution of the problems prevailing in society. Solutions for problems like dishonesty and corruption should be sought as well. “

Citing the chronology of finding solutions, His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna Saheb told that first all should meet, sit to gather, contemplate on the common issues and then arrive at decision. Then such unanimous decision must be activated and put into practice, that so many family and social problems and issues can be addressed and solved in this scientific era.

On this occasion, Yuvacharya Shri Mahashraman told that non-violence is the essence of knowledge possessed by a learned man. A person who knows non-violence knows religion. The essence of all religions is love, affection and tolerance for others. If all live with one another with love, friendship and affection, then all will live with love and without fear.

On this occasion, Surendra Sharda from Nirankari Samaj, Swami Rajkumar Bharti from Gayatri Privar, Acharya Bharti from Acharya Samaj, Gyani Satnamsinh (Former Head Librarian - Gurudwara Kesgarh Sahib) from Sikh Section and Pushpaji Sadhviji Mahraj from Sthanakvasi Samaj were present and had expressed their views.

Mr. Sandip Verma, son of Harvanslal, Parliament Secretary, was the chief guest of this programme. Industrialist Prem Bansal, Sardar Ajitsinh, A.K. Jain, Ashok Khurana, Tribhuvan Goel et al. were especially present on this occasion.

Sikha Jain and Singla of Kanya Mandal had chanted folk songs on this occasion.

Lala Surajbhan, Yashpal Jain, Ramnivas Jain, Surendra Mittal, Anand Jain, Sandip Jain, Purushottam Jain, Rama Jain, Nirmala Jain, Laxmi Mittal welcomed the special guests of all religions and journalists by presenting them shawls and literature.

The programme was managed and executed by Mr. Pravin Jain.


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