Ahimsa Yatra : Uchanamanadi: Mangal Bhavana & On Religion

Published: 01.01.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

1st January 2006

On the New Year's Day, H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna entered Uchanamanadi, a town in Haryana. People of the town were pleased to have H. H. Acharya among them, and the atmosphere of the town was full of joy, which was expressed by the many decorated gates in the city.

Acharya Shree gave the explanation of Mangal Bhavana to the gathering, after they heard the same recited in a melodious tone from Samaniji.

In the first Sutra, one should be Shree Sampan. It means that the Aura should be pure which is spiritual wealth. The householder must have both, worldly and spiritual wealth. The aura becomes pure by renouncing worldly wealth. While one earns the wealth, one should also posses to donate it.

In the second Sutra, one should develop self discipline which means to be controlled by the self.

In the third Sutra, one should also possess intellect. The intelligence should be to help others not to cheat them.

In the fourth Sutra, one should have patience. Patience is the highest virtue. In absence of patience, there is conflict in the family and in the society. To have happiness in life, one must develop patience.

In the fifth Sutra, one should collect energy. A cowardice person cannot do any good work. Fearlessness is necessary for the development of Ahimsa in the society. Whenever there had been wars, in the end the solution had been founded in Ahimsa.

In the sixth Sutra, one should be full of peace. Peace is necessary for development. Bliss cannot be attained where there is infighting. The development of peace is necessary in our life.

In the seventh Sutra, one should realise bliss in leading a happy and blissful life. Difficulties may arise in life, but human beings are endowed with a developed mind and have the power to attain a blissful state.

In the eighth Sutra, one should be full of glow. Glow is only developed inside a person endowed with inner strength. All problems can be solved by the power of the self.

In the ninth Sutra, is one should have purity. A person with wealth and all worldly comforts can lead a happy life, when there is purity. Purity is a might in life.

This New Year eve, all should have well wishes for happiness in life and to be free from depression.

2nd January 2006

H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna told the gathering at Uchanamanadi that the meaning of religion is to understand reality. If we do not know our real self, we cannot feel peace and bliss. The main reason of sorrow is that we do not give attention to this. People are suffering because they have formed the ideas of sorrows, but in reality it is not so. When we differentiate between living and non-living, the sorrows in life are reduced.

One who understands reality, can neither have sorrow in life, nor feel heavy loss. We have to understand that we did not have any possessions while coming to earth, and when we leave, we will go empty handed as well. Realising this, sorrows are reduced.

We should try to know the reality not in the light of any sect or path. I should also know that anger is not my behavior and not my identity. One who possesses this type of thinking, can be free from anger. He who has got compassion and reality cannot act in the wrong direction.



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