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Conference 'Economics of Non-violence...' - Report [6.02] - Samani Mangal Pragya

Published: 08.06.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015
Sixth Plenary Session:
Convergence of Values - Spiritual, Political & Economic

Samani Mangal Pragya

Samani Mangal Pragya spoke on “Non-violence Training as a Pathway to Sustainable Living”.

She said that the two important words, Non-violence and Sustainable Development present a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern vision. Non-violence is the root of all kinds of development. All our energy and power are produced by matter and these come to us through the environment. Polluted environment would have direct effect on the energy which we imbibe from the nature and that in turn will effect our actions, behaviour, emotions and our whole life. A non-violent person, who recognizes this truth, cannot abuse environment. But, we are deliberately ignoring our inner voice and thus overlooking the principle of sustainable development. The meaning of sustainable development is the process for improving the quality of human life while leaving within the caring capacity of supporting economics. In the absence of non-violence, the concept of sustainable living will be a mere dream.

Education, she opined, is a potent tool for creating change by creating awareness and consciousness. Man by being the master of his destiny, is obliged to initiate steps that contain the environmental degradation.

Manufacturing of lethal weapons has sent tremors across the globe. Arms race at a global level is leading human beings towards a suicidal situation, when two-third of mankind is in a pitiable condition. Millions are half-clad and half-fed and abject poverty is at its ugliest height. Human race faces unprecedented challenges for its survival. Technology is growing fast and becoming obsolete, but in terms of human values we are still in the yesteryears. Our capacity to destroy has increased manifold, but our willingness to harness this capacity with wisdom has not increased a pint. Quoting Martin Luther King she said, “We have guided the missile, but we misguided persons”.We are in dire need of brightly guided person for the attainment of a holistic and peaceful world order. The President also shared similar views in his interaction with the delegates that creation of a destructive missile is very easy but the construction of a peace missile is very difficult.

Hunger is the main cause of violence, Acharya Mahapragyaji believes. A good economic system is that which serves to establish sustainable living and total eradication of hunger. Both violence and non-violence are inherent in us. The question lies in developing the right virtue.

Talking about the cause of violence, she quoted a research finding in a world-renowned book titled “Inside the Brain”. Accordingly, the most profound discovery is that genetic defects produce abnormal levels of serotonin and adrenalin; two potent brain chemicals researchers have successfully manipulated to make animals more violent or less violent.

A four dimensional programme has been introduced for training in non-violence - a new perspective has been given by Acharya Mahapragyaji.

  • Meditation helps to increase serotonin and hence reduces the threat of violence.
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Colour meditation, psychic centre meditation and Anupreksha are instruments of attitudinal change.
Economics, which is limited to eradicating poverty alone, is not good for us. We, instead, need an economics, which while eradicating poverty does not increase violence. A synthesis of material prosperity and promotion of non-violence is essential today.

Ashok Bapna, Director, JIILM Jaipur, Honorary Visiting Professor, CTI, CMS, HCM RIPA, Jaipur & SID Country Coordinator - India, Mobile: +91-93145-09414


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