JVB Orlando - Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya Arrived

Published: 15.04.2005
Updated: 07.02.2013
Samanis Arrive From India

JVB Orlando (Jain Vishwa Bharati) is very happy to receive Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya. They were heartily welcomed as they are prepared to take care of the centre's activities for a full year ahead as well as guiding Preksha Meditation Camps throughout Florida and the USA.


On March 9th 2005, Samani Madhur Pragyaji and Samani Parimal Pragyaji arrived in Miami from India. People were just eagerly awaiting their arrival and Samanijis got busy right away.

On March 11th, Prakash and Madhu Nahata hosted the Samanijis at their house. The thirst for knowledge had to be quenched. They gave a lecture on the topic ‘Valuable things in this world’.

According to Lord Mahavira, four things are most valuable in life

  1. human life,
  2. listening to religious discourses and being able to discriminate between right and wrong,
  3. faith in our scriptures, and
  4. reinforcement of learning and practicing it into our day-to-day life.

On March 12th, Lakhpat Jain hosted the Samanijis.

Once again the Samanijis enlightened the audience with a lecture on ‘If self-realization is possible’. A human being is one who is aware and conscious of the soul and it’s upliftment. To be brief, Samaniji said that if a person turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to external negativity, he or she can stop further karmic accumulation.

At the same time we should be fully aware of our thoughts and actions. But nowadays, everything is reversed. We all need ‘Atma Jnana’ and strong will power for achievement of self-realization, as well as forsaking and renunciation. This can be achieved like swimming against the current, Samaniji encouraged the people to be strong. Any energy we have should be used constructively, so that our productivity in attaining our goals is maximum.

Cypress Hall, Miami

The Jain Center of Southern Florida had also an enlightening session with Samaniji.

On Sunday, March 13th, Jain Community gathered at Cypress Hall to listen to the Samanijis. The lecture topic was ‘Right vision is needed for spirituality’, right vision includes the choice of path. Samaniji asked everyone to contemplate on “May that day dawn when I will give up everything”, “May that day dawn when all material possessions will be irrelevant to me”, “May that day dawn when I will be free from all kinds of violence that is in my thoughts and actions”.

One of the most important aspects of Jainism highlighted by the Samanijis was the aspect of dying with equanimity, giving up everything unto death.

Vero Beach

Samaniji left Miami for West Palm Beach and, after a short halt in Jupiter, came to Vero Beach. The community of Vero Beach, though primarily non-Jains, didn’t waste any time in getting together and flocked to hear Samanijis enlightening talk.

Samani Parimal Pragyaji started the evening session with deep breathing and relaxation. Then Samani Madhur Pragyaji spoke on the topic “Shree Sampannohum Shyam”. ‘Shree’ means wealth. Samaniji informed the audience about the kind of wealth we should be endowed with. Wealth without wisdom can be a curse. On the other hand, wealth of wisdom is a blessing and it is the best form of wealth. Jnana of the scriptures and practice of that learning leads us towards removing our sins.

The three conditions for ‘Lakshmi’ [Indian goddess of wealth] to reside in our house are:

  • where there is respect and fulfillment of duty towards elders,
  • where teachers and scholars are respected, and
  • where people think before they speak.

The kind of words uttered by a person have an effect on the listener. Is the effect of those words scathing and scarring for life, like the slash from a sword cut, or is the effect of the words medicinal and like a tonic to the listener’s senses. Words chosen with care and spoken with love invigorate the listener. On the other hand, rough and harsh words, sarcasm, words that inflict pain to the listener will have Lakshmi fleeing away.

People listened with utmost attentiveness and gratitude to the Samaniji. Samani Parimal Pragyaji told stories from the life of Lord Mahavira to the children. We look forward to more sessions with the Samanijis.

Indu Jain


On Sunday, March 27th Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando held its first bi-monthly Swadhyay [event] in the presence of Samani Madhur Pragya and Samani Parimal Pragya. The event started with Arhat Vandana [bowing down to the enlightened ones] and Preksha Meditation.

Samani Parimal Pragya spoke on Pratikraman, it’s meaning, why to perform, and the many kinds of it.

Samani Madhur Pragya enlightened the attendees with the subject “What is the meaning of the scriptures? Benefits of reading, studying, and listening”. She explained, that doing this removes ignorance while realizing mental happiness.

Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando Director Kamlesh Shah and Vice President Dhiren Mehta and Hansa Chitalia spoke to the audience on their experience of their trip to JVB Ladnun, Rajasthan, India, in January.

They reported on the warm and wonderful hospitality they had experienced visiting His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna. They saw over 500 monks and nuns and learned about the many branches of JVB Ladnun, with schools for children, college for girls, and the deemed university for all. They added that a visit to JVB Ladnun should not be missed when visiting India next time.


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