Kolkata - Girl Of 18 Years Completed Fast Of 31 Days

Published: 10.10.2006
Updated: 09.11.2010

In Jain tradition, great importance is given to fasting. Many people do long fast to purify their soul and remove old Karma. But to do fast is not easy, some people do not succeed in skipping a single meal, some cannot hold a single day of fast.

Amazingly, that a girl of 18 years in Kolkatta recently completed a fast of 31 days. She still felt energetic at the end and had a smile on her face. I saw this when I visited the house of her parents, Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mrs.Usha Devi Gadhaiya at Howrah.

F r to l: Abhilasha, 21, Anuradha, 18, and Amirata, 16

Their three daughters, Abhilasha, 21, Anuradha, 18, and Amirata, 16, had observed complete fast the weekend of Paryushan up to Samvatsari day, as many Jains do. The three sisters did not break their fast on the following day and went on fasting. Eight days after Samvatsari, Abhilasha and Amirata broke their fast, but Anuradha wanted to continue. At that time, it was not in her mind to complete a month long fast.

May be, in her unconscious mind she did Darshan of Sadhvishree Nirvanshree from time to time. On the 15th day, she went for Darshan of Sadhvishree who encouraged her to try to complete one month of fast. It was just like magic, from this moment on, Anuradha got the power to do it. We can assume that this was possible because of Sadhvishree's inspiration.

When I met Anuradha at her home, she expressed the desire to do fast even in the future. She told me that she felt perfectly well during tap and fully healthy. I asked her if she had taken interest in reading books or hearing devotional songs. She told me that she had read books with good stories.

In this Chaturmas of 2006, it was the first month long fast by anyone here. Generally, women from 25 on are practising fasts of such a long period, teenagers are doing fast between 8 and 16 days.

On Sunday, 24th September, Anuradha was honoured in presence of Sadhvishree publicly at Mahasabha Bhavan.

On 28th September, the morning of her fast breaking, Anuradha took a vow and went for Darshan to Mahasabha Bhavan where Sadhvishree is staying. There, Anuradha was requested to take some liquid items, but she did not yet break her fast because of her vow in the morning. Then Sadhvishree Dr. Yogkshem Prabhaji invited her to the room of Sadhvishree Nirvanshree for Darshan. All five Sadhvishrees accepted Anuradha's request to take the first item of food in their auspicious presence, and after having her vow completed, which was to recite ten prayers before breaking the fast, she broke her fast.

Really, I saw many people doing fast, but the Aura of Miss Anuradha was unique, and her smile gave energy to everybody.

Sadhvishree Nirvanshree blessing Anuradha who is standing with her mother in front of Sadhvishree Nirvanshree

Anuradha with the Sadhvishrees in their room the morning of her fast breaking

All five Sadhvishrees are blessing together and accepting alms

Anuradha is happy in the midst of the Sadhvishrees

Anuradha with her parents and Sri Mankchand Nahata, called Shashan Sevi by H.H.

Anuradha honoured on Sunday, 24th September with a book present by Sri Rajkaran Siroya, president of Mahasabha

Anuradha after her fast breaking ceremony

Anuradha with relatives after being honoured publicly

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