HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.1 Kolkata - Arrival & At Samsukhas' Home

Published: 04.01.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012


Rajdhani overnight express from Delhi to Kolkata was smoothly moving towards destination. After dinner, when we stretched in the sleeper, we felt like in a cradle. Karuna remembered her journey three years ago in the overnight express from Delhi to Surat. When a vivid conversation had started among the passengers, they asked her if she ever had been to Kolkata. She had not, and the fellow passengers started to tell her heart-warming stories on people and life in Kolkata. They were marking her desire to go there and see herself. When slowly crossing over to the land of sleep, she thought, ‘Kolkata, I’m coming!’

Next morning, we enjoyed the landscape while having breakfast. There was more greenery; we saw palms and other tropical plants, hills and lakes alternated.

We approached a large area full of tracks; the train slowed down and came to a halt. Kolkata! A crowd was blustering around when we got off our luggage. Then we looked up and down the platform – and were suddenly surrounded by laughing people, who welcomed us with warmth and amity. From now on, everything happened so fast that we even forgot to get out the camera, sorry, no photos from our side documenting this heartily welcome!

smt. santosh banthia, secetary of terapanth mahila mandal,south howrah putting tilak on forehead of aparigrahji and karunaji at howrah station on 16th nov.2006

One gentleman decorated us with flower garlands and one lady marked our foreheads with red paste and grains of rice, the traditional Indian welcome. We were so overwhelmed by the many nice people welcoming us so warm without having seen us before that we neither were able to remember any of their names when the gentleman with the flower garlands presented them to us, nor to take care of our suitcase. When we went in search of it with our eyes, a smiling face and a hand holding our suitcase were shown - communication without words. We stood in the centre of a circle formed by our friends and were feeling very happy and safe, receiving the vibrations of this lively town and their inhabitants.

sri basant patawari secetary of terapanth yuvak parishad garlending aparigrahji and karunaji at howrah station when they reached from delhi by rajdhani express on 16th nov. sushil bafana introducing all persons who were present at station to welcome aparigrahji and karunaji

The gentleman who had received us with the flower garlands and the lady who had given the traditional Indian welcome to us gave sign to kindly follow them to a car where the driver was smilingly awaiting us. The car was parking in front of the platform, a speciality of the Howrah station. Some minutes after the start to our hosts, we regained our language and were able to answer the questions concerning our journey and well being. While the driver was admirably concentrating on the traffic, our two friends from the platform explained the schedule for this day to us.

After some time, we were wondering (in German language!) when we would meet with Sushil Kumar Bafana. Immediately the gentleman who was sitting in front turned to us and said, “I am here, and my wife Supyar is sitting just at your side!” It was his idea to receive us with flower garlands and Supyar’s to give the traditional welcome to us! Speechless again. Then bursting with laughter.

Sushil Bafana, Manita Samsukha, Supyar Bafana, Karunaji, Sukhmal Samsukha, Mohanlal Samsukha Mohanlal Samsukha Sushil Bafana, Aparigrah, Supyar Bafana, Sukhmal Samsukha (Baby In Arms), Mohanlal Samsukha

We arrived at the apartment of our host Shri Mohanlal Samsukha. He and his wife Sukhmal, his daughter-in law Manita and his charming grandson were welcoming us with such warmth that we immediately felt at home. His son Vineet and his wife had let their sleeping room to us during our stay in their family. The joined family lives in a huge apartment where Mrs. Sukhmal Samsukha receives every Saturday trainers and students of Howrah’s Gyanshala classes, about 38! She always offers snacks and tea to them. “It is my pleasure to host the Gyanshala students and to give a little support to their spiritual development,” she said.

Sushil Bafana + Karunaji from HereNow4U Sukhmal Samsukha, Supyar Bafana, Karunaji Sukhmal Samsukha, Supyar Bafana, Karunaji

After taking bath and changing cloths, we had a delicious lunch with our hosts. Then we hurried to meet the Sadhvishrees. We were eager to meet with Sadhvishree Nirvanshreeji personally; as we knew her also by many reports on the spiritual inspiration and guidance she had given to the Kolkata Terapanth community and to us and our readers.


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