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Maryada Mahotsav - 143rd - [21] Day 3 - The Main Event - Part III (English)

Published: 07.06.2007
Updated: 30.11.2012

Dear Readers, as a followup to Maryada Mahotsav Report No. 20, for the benefit of our non-hindi speaking brothers and sisters, hereunder is approximate English translation of the letter written by Ganadhipati Tusli to his able successor Acharya Shri Mahaprajnaji on 8th February 1997.

[At that time Ganadhipati Tulsi was in Ladnun and Acharyashri Mahaprajnaji was in Chadwas (for Maryada Mahotsav],

My Utmost Humble Successor, Disciple & Vital Life of Religious Order – Acharya Mahaprajna!!

Salutations and manifold enquiries for your well beings.

5th February 1995, accordingly 6th day of bright half of Indian month Magh in V.S 2053. A historic day in Delhi. Grand occasion of your accession day. Overflowing gathering of people. Strange inner and outer enthusiasm. A never before day for terapanth. For that day, one can say, “Never in past; Never in future”. One after another, the scenes of that occasion are coming in front of my eyes.

12th February 1997. Chadwas is becoming (just like) Delhi. Everyone is happy. My mind is floating and plunging in extreme delight. For now, sitting afar, I am hearing the sounds of your good governance. I am seeing you on extreme heights of leadership. I am being repeatedly told to go there. I only know the wordless bliss, which I feel and experience by hearing the praise of your fame and glory – even from such distance.

Mahaprajnaji! You do not have responsibility only for religious order established by Bhiksu. Today, all religions, tradition and human race need a pioneer and path finder. In the complex circumstances presently prevailing in the world, we need to give guidance to all. The waves of confluence of knowledge, perception and conduct are billowing in your soul. For this, entire religious order is horripilate and engaged in merry making. The entire religious order is to be submerged by the streams of this confluence. In course of penning this, a thought comes – for whom am I writing all this? When there is singleness and uniformity (between us), what shall I write for him and why should I write? You also do feel that to write anything at all is so very difficult when there is undivided ness. One can witness this truth in the letter sent by you.

Today, sitting in a quarter named Bhiksu Vihar in Jain Vishwa Bharati Complex, I purport to emotionally coronate you on your forehead and wish to raise you.

May you become Purer than moon,
More illuminating than sun,
Calm like a great ocean.
May Lords Siddha, the emancipated souls
Confer emancipation upon you.

On this auspicious occasion of third accession day, accept pious wishes from me.

May you have a long, purer and victorious life
May there be uninterrupted good upon the terapanth sect

Ganadhipati Tulsi
8th February 1997
Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun.

Rest of the proceeding of the day, including lecture of Yuvaacharyashri will be covered in future reports. Please do visit us again.


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