Nidāna Śalya

Published: 26.02.2018

A type of Śalya (a weapon in the interior which is rankling inside);

that negative Bhāva (1) (disposition at subtle level of consciousness) which acts as an emotional weapon (rankling inside); such Bhāva rises in the form of Nidāna (longing for material prosperity as the reward of penance) and impedes the practice of Saṃyama (self-restraint or ascetic conduct).

nitarāṃ dīyate-lūyate mokṣaphalamanindyabrahmacaryādisādhyaṃ kuśalakarmakalpataruvaṇamanena devarddhyādiprārthanapariṇāmaniśitāsineti nidānam.

(Sthā 3.385 Vṛ Pa 139)

See - Śalya.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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