Published: 06.02.2018

1. Red Leśyā (psychic colour)- The fourth among the six kinds of Leśyā; (it is the first auspicious Leśyā);

auspicious (benevolent) flow of Bhāva (1) (disposition at subtle level of consciousness)-A type of radiation emanating from soul at very subtle level of consciousness, which makes the soul prone to deep faith in moral and religious discipline.

nlyāvittī acavale, amāī akuūhale. viṇīyavinae daṃte,jogavaṃ uvahāṇavaṃ.. piyaḍhamme dadhadhamme, vajjabhūiī hiesae. eyajogasamāutto teulesaṃ tupariṇame..

(U 34.27,28)


2. The Pudgala (material clusters) of rising sun red colour, which becomes instrumental in

creation of Tejoleśyā (1) (red psychic colour). The aura of red colour akin to rising sun.

hiṃgulayadhāusaṃkāsā taruṇāiccasannibhā. Suyatuṃḍapaīvanibhā teidesā u vaṇṇao..

(U 34.7)


3. Fiery flame (of the supernatural power) of Tejolabdhi (energy of fiery body) gained through Tapa (austerities),

through which anything situated even at a distance of hundreds of Yojanas (1Yojana=7.88 kilometers) can be burnt to ashes.

saṃkṣiptā-śarirāntarlīnatvena hrasvatāṃ gatā, vipulā-vistlrṃā anekayojanapmmānakṣetrāśri- tavastudahanasamarthatvāttejolesyā-viśiṣṭa- tapojanyalabdliiviścṣaprabhavā tejojvālā.

(Bhaga 1.9 Vṛ)



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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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