Published: 24.10.2016
Grey Leśyā (psychic colour)- The third among the six kinds of Leśyā; (it is the third inauspicious Leśyā);

1.The inauspicious flow of Bhāva (1) (disposition at subtle level of consciousness). A type of radiation emanating from soul at a very subtle level of consciousness, which makes the soul prone to crookedness.

vaṃke vaṃkasamāyāre, niyaḍille aṇujjue. paliuṃcaga ovahie micchadiṭṭhī aṇārie...

(U 34.25)

  • Bhāvaleśyā.

2.The Pudgala (material clusters) of dove-colour which become instrumental in creation of disposition of Kapotaleśyā (1).

  • Dravyaleśyā.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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