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Kalpātīta Deva

Published: 20.10.2016

The Devas (gods) of higher category, viz., Graiveyaka (neck-dwelling (gods)) and Anuttaravimāna (the highest heaven of the Empyrean gods), who are born in the heavens free from the hierarchy of the indra (king), Sāmānika (kinglike) etc...

kappāīyā u je devā, duvihā te viyāhiyā. gevijjā'ṇuttarā ceva...

(U 36.212)

kalpān- uktarūpānatītāḥ- taduparivarttisthānotpannatayā niṣkrāntāḥ kalpātītaḥ.

(U 36.209 ŚāVṛ Pa 702)

  • Kalpopaga Deva.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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