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1.The Virya (3) (spiritual energy) of the Jīva (soul), which is cause of the activity of mind, speech and body and which becomes instrumental in bringing about the eight kinds of karmika states, viz., Bandha, Saṃkramaṇa etc...

cauvvihe karaṇe paṇṇatte, tam jahā- manakaraṇe, vaīkaraṇe, kāyakaraṇe, kammakaraṇe.

(Bhaga 6.5 Vṛ)

  • Karmakaraṇa.

2.The process of the building of Paryāpti (bio potential), a kind of energy of Pudgala (physical substance).

paryāptiḥ pudgalarūpātmanaḥ kartuḥ karanaviśeṣaḥ.

(TaBhā 8.12 Vṛ)

3.The operation of spiritual energy which is a particular Pariṇāma (2) (natural transformation) of soul; it is three-fold-(i) Yathāpravṛtti Karaṇa (automatic), (ii) Apūrvakaraṇa (unprecedented) and (iii) Anivṛttikaraṇa (unamenable to lapse).

parināmaviśeṣaḥ karaṇaṃ.

(Jaisidī 5.7)

yathāpravṛttyapūrvā'nivṛttibhedāt tridhā.

(Jaisidī 1)

4.Action- It is threefold- committing oneself, making others to commit and approving what is committed by others.

karaṇaṃ tivihaṃ- kataṃ kāritaṃ aṇumataṃ.

(DaACū p. 41)

5.Indispensible means (of an activity), which is threefold- mind, speech and body.

teneti sādhakatamam karanam taiyābhihānao'bhimayam. kena tivihena bhanie manena vāyāe kāenam..

(ViBhā 3524)

tivihe karanepannatte, tamjahā- manakarane, vaikarane, kāyakarane.

(Sthā 3.15)


indriyaṃ- karaṇaṃ.

(Sthā 5.176 Vṛ Pa 319)

7.That part of the body (Caitanyakendra) where there is compact, concentration of consciousness and through which the rays of super-sensory perception emerge out.

  • Sandhi.

8. Performances of monastic conduct to be under­taken from time to time for definite purposes, e.g. piṇḍaviśuddhi etc...

yattu prayojane āpanne kriyate tatkaranam... pindaviśuddhyādi tu prayojane samāpanne kriyate.

(ONiVṛ Pa 14)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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