Published: 05.09.2016

1.Name of the second heaven;

the second habitat of the Kalpopapanna Vaimānika Devas (Empyrean gods with hierarchy).

(U 36.211)

2.The gods who are the inhabitants of Īśāna (1).

īśāno nāma dvitīyadevalokastannivāsino devā api īśanāsta eva īśānakāḥ. evamuttaratrāpi vyutpattiḥ kāryā.

(UśāVṛ Pa 702)

3.The Indra (the king of the gods) of the second heaven.

etesu ṇaṃ dasasu kappesu dasa iṃdā paṇṇatā, tam jahā- sakke, īsāṇe, saṇaṃkumāre, māhiṃde, baṃbhe, laṃtae, mahāsukke, sahassāre, pāṇate, acyute.

(Sthā 10.149)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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