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Īṣatprāgbhārā Pṛthvī

Published: 05.09.2016

Land of liberated souls- Name of the land

where the liberated souls stay. This place is situated at the upper extremity of the cosmic space. It resembles the concave shape of an upright (stretched out) umbrella and is made of white gold (platinum?).

aloe paḍihayā siddhā loyagge ya paiṭṭhiyā. ihaṃ boṃdiṃ caittāṇaṃ tattha gaṃtūṇa sijjhai.. bārasahiṃ joyaṇehiṃ sawaṭthasstivariṃ bhave. īsīpabbhāranāmā u puḍhavī chattasaṃṭhiyā.. ajjuṇasuvaṇṇagamaī sā puḍhavī nimmalā sahāveṇaṃ. uttāṇagachattagasaṃṭhiyā ya, bhaṇiyā jinavarehiṃ...

(U. 36.56,57, 60)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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