Āhāraka Samudghāta

Published: 30.08.2016

Expansion (projection) of soul-units (outside the body) related with Āhāraka Śarīra (conveyance body)- A type of Samudghāta (expansion of the soul-units beyond the body);

when an ascetic, endowed with the power potential of conveyance body, creates the conveyance body to send it outside, he expands his soul-units outside his Audārika Śarīra (gross body). Such projection, in diverse directions, of the soul-units is Āhāraka Samudghāta. It depends upon the Nāma (body-making) Karma qua Āhārakaśarīra.

āhārakasamudghātaḥ śarīranāmakarmāśrayah.

(Sama 7.2 Vṛ Pa 12)

...vaikriya-āhāraka-taijasanāmakarmāśrayāḥ vaikriyaāhārakataijasāḥ.

(Jaisidī 7.30 Vṛ)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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