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Published: 03.12.2018
Updated: 24.09.2021
the verbalistic approach

General definition (in Jainism)

The emanation of spatial units (pradeshas) of soul from its body without discarding the body it is occupying is called samudghat.

(Source): Atma Dharma: Principles of Jainism

Audio in Hindi

Title: Samudghāta
Explained by Dr. Manju Nahata in 3 Audios

Samudghāta - Part 1 - Explained by Dr Manju Nahata in Hindi
Samudghāta - Part 2 - Explained by Dr Manju Nahata in Hindi
Samudghāta - Part 3 - Explained by Dr Manju Nahata in Hindi

English Summary by Dr. Manju Nahata

The term Samudghāta describes a process in which the soul, under special circumstances, can project itself beyond the body in which it has incarnated (audārika or vaikriya) temporarily during its existence in it and act outside it. During the process, respective karmic particles associated with that specific projection are annihilated (i.e. the "ejection").

There are seven types of projections mentioned in Jaina canonical corpus such as Bhagavati sutra, Prajñāpanā etc. as follows

  • passion projection (kaṣāya samudghāta (KaS)),
  • pain projection (vedanā samudghāta (VeS)),
  • death projection (māraṇāntika samudghāta (MS)),
  • conveyance body projection (āhāraka samudghāta (ĀS)),
  • transformation projection (vaikriya samudghāta (VS)),
  • fire body projection (taijasa samudghāta (TeS)) and
  • omniscient projection (kevali samudghāta (KS)).


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