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Published: 10.08.2016

A type of yoga (svādhyāyabhūmi) (the course of Svādhyāya (scriptural studies and teaching));

that yoga in which there is a strict control over the in-take of food etc.; for instance, during the studies of the Āgamas (2) (canonical works) such as Bhagavatī (fifth Aṅga (1) (principal canonical work)) and the like, nine kinds of Vikṛties (delicacies like milk etc.) are to be relinquished.

āgāḍhamaṇāgāḍhe duvidhe joge ya samāsato hoti...

āgāḍhatarā jaṃmi joge jaṃtaṇā... yathā bhagavatītyādi. itaro... uttarādhyayanādi.

(NiBhā 1594 )

...sajjhāyabhūmi duvidhā, āgāḍhā ceva'ṇāgāḍhā...

(VyaBhā 2117)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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