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Published: 26.07.2016
Clairvoyance qua Jñāna- The direct cognition of the corporeal (physical) objects by the soul, independent of the senses and mind. The direct super sensory cognition gained through the meditation - focussed attention (of one's consciousness) on the objects to be known. avadhirmaryādā; rūpiṣveva dravyeṣu paricchedakatayā pravṛttirūpā tadupalakṣitaṃ jñānamapyavadhiḥ.

(NandīMa Vṛ Pa 65)

teṇāvahīyae tammi vā'vahaṇaṃ tao'vahī so ya majjāyā. jaṃ tīe davvāi paropparaṃ muṇai tao'vahi tti...

(ViBhā 82)

  • Avadhidarśana.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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