Published: 31.05.2016
Updated: 06.06.2016

Fiery Youth - A variety of Bhavanapati Deva (Mansion-dwelling god);

a class of Devas, possessed of luminous and white body; their symbol is pot and they remain at the commands of the Lokapāla (universal guard) named Soma.

Mānonmānapramāṇayuktā bhāsvanto'vadātā ghaṭacinhā agnikwnārā bhavanti.

(TaBhā 4.11)

Aggikumārā... tārārūvā je yāvaṇṇe tahappagārā savve te tabbhattiyā, tappakkhiyā tabbhāriyā... mahāraṇṇo āṇāuvavāya-vayaṇa-niddese citthamti...

(Bhaga 3.252)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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