Kanji Swami Panth

Published: 12.07.2011
Updated: 05.02.2016
Kanji Panth

A movement within the Digambar Jain tradition, founded by Kanji Swami (1889-1980), who was originally initiated as a Sthanakvasi Jain monk. Later he discovered the works of Pandit Todarmal and Acharya Kundakunda's Samayasara, which influenced him deeply.

In 1934 he started his own movement as a celibate Digambara layman scholar at Songadh in Gujarat. His lectures were recorded on tapes and have been published. His emphasis was on on nishcaya naya, the higher level of truth, over vyavahara naya, ordinary life. There are many legends about him. According to legends, he had personally been in the presence of Lord Simandhara Swami.

Kanji Swami panth has may followers in India, Africa and UK. They generally regard themselves simply as Digambar Jains following the tradition of Kundakund.a and Todarmal.


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