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Four Terapanth Acharyas in a row (f.l.): 01. Acharya Bhikshu, founder of Jain Svetambara Terapanth Sangha, 09. Acharya Tulsi, 10. Acharya Mahapragya, 11. Acharya Mahashraman, present head of Terapanthi

The next morning, when we sat with our friends, the photo above immediately caught our eyes. It hangs on a wall of the living room overlooking the whole salon. The first and the present Acharya are framing two 20th century Acharyas, who in spite of opposition have succeeded in realising important reforms as to introduce the Saman order. The photo has been placed on a prominent place to remember our friends to the spiritual aspects of life, as human life should not only consist of material, but also of immaterial activities. Before leaving home our friend Rajendra Bengani bows down in front of the Acharyas to keep their image with him during his worldly actions.

Then we all together considered the landmarks in Dubai interesting for us. Our friends had done a lot of thinking to give a broad impression on life in Dubai city. They aimed to show as much as possible to us during our stay. We were very much looking forward to the many activities they had chosen for us. That day they suggested visiting the famous gold market, and also the spice market, situated around the corner from the first. In the evening a boat trip on Dubai Creek was intended. But later more of this. For Rajendra Bengani time had come for office, and a little bit later Vijaya went to the Metra station with us. She really was happy for the opportunity to walk downtown with us, as in only some weeks the hot weather would not allow to walk outside.


View from the cross-walk in the opposite direction, actually without mist.


Metro ticket counter in Dubai city.


The gates are opening after having scanned the tickets.


View from escalator to platform, …


also accessible by lift.


Metro coach in early afternoon.

The ultra-modern Metro in Dubai city is rather impressing. Not only very well maintained, but also made from high quality materials. The rails are protected by security glass. The gates are opening simultaneously with the doors of the incoming train after its arrival only. The coaches are broadly designed and well illuminated, every angle very well to observe. It is simply agreeable to board there. At Dubai Creek we got off. Dubai Creek is a natural arm of the Persian Gulf, about 14km long and 115m large. The first huts of fishers and pearl divers along Dubai Creek softly gave way to the houses of traders and port employees when the port in 1970s was upgraded and deepened. Until the oil industry came up, it was centre and motor of Dubai city’s economic development.


Composition of desert sand, street, ocean, and sky.


View on Dubai Creek…


harbour facilities


and the new street.

We turned our backs to the Creek and walked on an asphalted street inserted into the desert sand in direction of some nearby houses. It was here also where Rajendra Bengani had his office, as Vijaya explained smilingly to us. Very close we saw this colourful road cover.


The pavement and the design of an enormous carpet melted into a colourful road cover in the shop window of a carpet dealer.


Around the corner was the entry of the gold market.


Here nothing but gold was reflected


processed in a way I had never seen before.


More stereotype hardly was possible: A sales assistant working on calculators in the midst of displayed golden articles.


Everything can be seen here, coins, …


...jewelry and watchful traders.


We continued to the spice market.


Entry to the spice market on the right, straight left the Creek is glimmering.


Artful presentation of Arabian spices




…for tourists


in different packages.

Many traders addressed us in fragmentary German, relating to their trade objects. They would have liked to sell some to us. This is more than understandable; some years ago many European tourists certainly did not know any of the spices they offered. But meanwhile this has changed. A broad choice of oriental spices is available now in European countries as well. When I asked Vijaya where she bought her spices, she smilingly answered that her Indian supermarket around the corner not only is offering home delivery, but also many Indian spices. We now felt tired and wanted to relax in a coffeehouse. So we got back with Metro and then looked for an appropriate place. 


There are many coffeehouses in this street.


In the evening they are much more frequented. Probably most of the guests are still at work.


Yet it is very agreeable under the shady trees.


Vijaya Bengani could have walked much longer, but her guests were tired and needed some break.


At the coffeehouse table life in the road can be watched.


Comfortable view on the road, not far from our host's home.

The beautiful sod lawn was very impressing in a desert country. So were the flowers and the not very demanding, but certain quantities of water needing neems, let alone the palm trees. The irrigation system was not visible, but undoubtedly there. Otherwise the plants would not have looked as gorgeous as they did. Those doing gardening know that plants during midsummer tend to let hang their heads when not have been watered enough. How these plants might look during summer in Dubai city?

Afterwards we took some rest to be ready for evening activities. A boat trip with Indian dinner on Dubai Creek. Sounded fancy.

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