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Published: 26.08.2013
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After a relaxing afternoon we started into the evening activities. Christian Geerdes had a very interesting discussion with Vikas Garg, whereas I took a nap. Together the three of us started about 19:30 h. Vikas was so kind to accompany us to the boat, while our hosts had other obligations. Vikas feared that it was not enough time until departure of the boat. But we did not worry, as our friends’ apartment was not far from a well-frequented principal street. According to our experiences on such locations there are never problems to find a taxi. But this might be the case in Berlin; in Dubai that early evening was quite different. During 15 minutes only taxis occupied by passengers passed us. Meanwhile we had moved in direction of a main cross-over, where we thought to have seen many free taxis passing. But when we came nearer only taken taxis passed us. Finally in some distance of the crossing we succeeded to guide a free taxi into a lay-by. But the driver only shook his head and accelerated when Vikas told him our destination. This happened another two times before we got the driver’s permission to board. Then the driver really gave his best to bring us in time to the boat which was supposed to leave at 20:00 h.


This sight we enjoyed when we got off the taxi.

As mentioned, was supposed to leave. It was 20:00 h when we reached the location where the boat anchored. We were awaited already. Moving amongst the Dubai Indian community fortunately implies also to be part of its rules. If announced guests are not on board at departure time, departure can be postponed for 15 minutes maximum. We hastily took leave from Vikas, who disappeared in the dark. But he had not vanished without organizing our trip back. Short after he had left someone in our back shouted, ”We take you back!”, while the gangway was withdrawn and the motor started. Both of us had not realized to whom the voice belonged. In the morning our friends had given some significant locations to us for orientation back to their home. We had noted them together with the code of their door and the number of their apartment. In Dubai there is no concrete address with street and house number, letters and the like are simply directed to PO Box, and the tenant’s name is neither indicated at the electric bell system, nor at the door of the apartment. But we were capable at least to find back on our own. All this was forgotten when we entered the upper deck and looked around.


There someone immediately offered seats and fruit juice to us. And took a photo of both of us. The other seats yet were not taken.


The boat turned and headed for the middle of the Dubai Creek.


View from the upper deck


to the other side of the Creek.


Although meanwhile there are plenty of bridges, many inhabitants of the city are crossing the Creek on small ferry boats.


Originally the latter only connected the two watersides of the Dubai Creek.


Not every crossing of the Creek is with passengers.


City life


on both sides.


Dinner time on the upper deck one hour after departure!


The Creek gradually became larger.


VIP box for the heron.


Full moon over Dubai Creek, now nearly 1400m large. The boat returned exactly after one hour, 2 hours were scheduled for the trip.


On the other side one restaurant terrace follows the other,...


being continued by fairy tale views on the historic centre.


The  view on the Creek was also very charming


Some areas looked like the scenery of a movie.


On the deck below a very talented presenter entertained his audience.

After dinner we continued to take photos from the upper deck and made new acquaintances. One family for instance visited their son working in Dubai together with the latter’s newlywed who until then had lived in India. The son had invited his family and his wife on this wonderful evening boat trip with dinner. He was very happy for the opportunity to show his new environment to his loved ones who were in Dubai for the first time. He had the same camera as I have, and we got into contact via exchanging photo tips. Others were awarded by their directors with the boat trip because of their extraordinary professional performance. All on board enjoyed the evening as much as we did. And none of our new acquaintances forgot to mention the endowed announcer on the deck below. So we went downstairs to assure ourselves of his talent. Although we do not understand Hindi, the interaction between him and the audience was not to overlook. His body language alone was very convincing. 

But when we approached the starting point, our concern also came back. Was it possible to find a taxi? We tried it after having left the boat, but in vain. Fortunately! Remembering similar situations in India we simply got back where the boat had arrived. Meanwhile the majority of the other guest had left and headed towards a nearby parking place where mini busses and cars awaited them. Yes, indeed! Everybody was very kind, but nobody seemed concerned. Seemed, as after some time a lady approached us and invited us to follow her to a mini bus. The driver encouraged us smilingly and approximately said in Hindi, ”OK, get in, we will start right now. Where do you want to be dropped?” He had to say this only one time. Our answer came immediately.


On the way home

After a short drive we were dropped at a corner very near to our friends‘ home. Hardly arrived, we went to bed, as everybody else was in meditation. For the next morning a very special appointment was waiting for us.

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