Living Jainism: An Ethical Science

Published: 16.10.2013



Living Jainism explores a system of thought that unites ethics with rational thought, in which each individual is his or her own guru and social conscience extends beyond human society to animals, plants and the whole of the natural world. The Jain Dharma is a humane and scientific spiritual pathway that has universal significance. With the re-emergence of India as a world power, Jain wisdom deserves to be better known so that it can play a creative role in global affairs. Living Jainism reveals the relevance of Jain teachings to scientific research and human society, as well as our journey towards understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.


A remarkably comprehensive explanation of the Jain philosophy of the interconnectedness of being and its significance for our approach to the environment drawing on the principles of interdependence and reverence for life. Truth is presented as not only one- but also many-sided, opening up interfaith dialogue and an attitude of non-violence relevant to the modern human predicament. The book encourages us to develop relationships based on co-operation, compassion and trust. Jainism is presented as a philosophy to rein in the materialistic and exploitative trends of modern life and overcome our sense of separation from Nature and each other. The book is also hopeful of human possibilities and presents an expanded view of perception and logic. Essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy and implications of Jainism for our time.  David Lorimer (Scientific and Medical Network)

Author: Aidan Rankin, Kanti Mardia
Mantra Books
ISBN-10: 1780999127
ISBN-13: 978-1780999128
16. June 2013


24x30 cm


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