Published: 19.01.2017

1. The religious preceptor- The pioneering propounder of the philosophy of religion. E.g., -Tirthankara, Gaṇadhara and the like.

dharmajno dharmakartā ca, sadā dharmapravartakah.

sattvebhyo dharmaśāstrārthadeśako gururucyate...

(PrajnāVṛ Pa 163)

2. That ascetic (Nirgrantha (2)) who is the follower of the religious discipline of the Arhata (1) (Tirthankara (ford-founder)) and is also free from both the psychic and physical fetters.

nirgrantho giiruh... arhatām pravacanānugāmī bāhyābhyantaragrantliivipramnktah nirgranthah.

(Jaisidī 8.2 Vṛ)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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