Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [20] 3rd IPMC - 19.00 Scientific vs. Spiritual Aspects

Posted: 17.01.2005
Updated on: 15.02.2008

Muni Dharmesh Kumar pointed out that emotional, mental and physical aspects of Preksha Meditation (PM) understood by science are juxtaposed to spiritual aspects thereof. Scientifically viewed, emotions are in the background of our physical, vocal and mental activities. According to Jain metaphysics, the karmic disposition of the self acts upon these activities by generating the underlying emotions. Karmic disposition gets activated by external stimuli motivating further actions.

The cycle of actions cannot be cut down by PM, but PM helps to turn on consciousness. Consciousness as the functional aspect of the soul controls desire, created by past actions and actuated by the circumstances. PM leads to more awareness and spiritual upliftment.

After Muni Dharmesh Kumar’s discourse the relation between karma and genes was brought up.
Acharya Mahaprajna elucidated the participants by stating that there is a correspondence between genes and karmic body: The association between bio-electric and karmic body influences the genetic buildup of a person.

According to Jain philosophy there are four bodies beyond the physical body:

  • karmic body, accompanying the soul during all embodiments up to final liberation (moksha)
  • astral body, being able to move in the cosmos
  • bio-electric body, ruling the chemical processes in the physical body
  • subtle body, ruling the communication processes between the physical body and the karmic and bio-electric body
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