3rd IMPC Lecture: Kayotsarg - Relaxation

Published: 17.01.2005
Updated: 25.10.2010

International Preksha Meditation Camp

1. Meaning of Kayotsarg

  • Kaya + Utsarg = abandonment of body

2. Objectives of Kayotsarg

  • Giving up attachment towards body
  • Realization of separate existence of soul and body (bhed vigyan)

3. Spiritual Basis of Kayotsarg

  • Body is forgotten
  • Experience of death while living
  • Awareness of self
  • Discipline of speech, mind, sense organs and body
  • Root cause of sufferings can be figured out
  • Reach of the most subtle inner body (Karma Sharir)
  • Stops of turmoil produced by Karma Sharir
  • Realization of pure, divine, enlightened soul

4. Scientific Basis of Kayotsarg

  • Total cessation of voluntary movements
  • Relaxed condition of all skeletal muscles
  • Suspend of subtle internal muscle action
  • Release of stress through auto suggestion technique

5. Benefits of Kayotsarg

First Stage

  • Reversal of body’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction to stress into relaxation
  • Slow rate of respiration
  • Relief from all kinds of stress
  • Calm, peaceful and unperturbed attitude in any situation
  • Relief of fatigue in few minutes like hours of sleep
  • End of insomnia problems
  • Relief from tensions

Second Stage

  • Changes in the electrical activity of brain
  • Production of alpha waves at will
  • Low rate of metabolism, breathing, heart beat
  • Increasing of operational efficiency
  • Alertness sharpens the intellect, concentration is achieved

Third Stage

  • Self awareness increases
  • Sometimes feeling of floating outside one's body
  • Subtle body is clearly identified

Advanced Stage

  • Constant self awareness leads to self realization
  • Enlightened perception, bliss and energy
  • Separateness of body and divine self

Process of Kayotsarg

  • Place: Solitude, clean and pleasant
  • Time: Morning and evening, in advanced stage any time
  • Duration: 20 seconds to 5 minutes many times a day
  • Conclusion: Sharan Sutra

Samani Charitra Pragya's lectures held during 3rd IPMC:

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