2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [06.3] Preksha Meditation Camp (3)

Published: 28.08.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012

30.06. - 06.07.2008


Gaman Yok - Morning walk in a beautiful nearby park

During a meditation camp life is experienced in a new way, as spirituality is in its focus. After wake-up at 04:30 we gathered in the meditation hall for perception of deep long breathing from 05:00 to 05:45, conducted by me. To participate actively in the meditation of such a big group enriched my personal experience. Early morning meditation resulted in refined sensations.

During Gaman Yog from 05:45 to 06:10 to a nearby park the colours seemed much brighter and the songs of the birds more melodious. We met monkeys on our way, street dogs showed the same peaceful attitude like those near Anuvibha Bhavan - awaiting us at the corner we were passing by every morning.

From 06:15 to 07:15 we practised yoga, conducted for the ladies by Shivani and for the gents by Vivek. Between 07:15 to 08:15 there was enough time to get ready for departure to Anuvibha Bhavan where we took breakfast between 08:30 and 09:00.


Sadhvi Rajimati talking with participants after having guided meditation session


Muni Neeraj Kumar about to start with Deep Relaxation (Kayotsarg) while participants are choosing posture


Muni Kishan Lal in his lecture


Meditation session guided by Sadhvi Vandnashri


Samani Charitra Pragya in her lecture

From 09:00 to 12:00 one session of meditation (Sadhvi Rajimati), Kayotsarga (Muni Neeraj Kumar) & lectures (Muni Kishan Lal) made us feel as if morning had flown away. After lunch at about 12:00 we continued with Mantra Meditation from 13:30 to 14:00 (Sadhvi Shashi Prabha), Anupreksha (Sadhvi Vandna Shri) from 14:00 to 14:40, and another lecture (Muni Kishan Lal) from 14:45 to 15:45. After refreshments Samani Charitra Pragya presented “Interaction on Theory of Preksha Meditation” from 16:10 to 17:10. From 17:15 to 20:00 dinner, Gaman Yok, Darshan of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna & evening session. From 20:10 to 20:40 Yuvacharyashree guided a meditation session. At 20:45 we usually departed to Kingwin. The schedule was mandatory for the duration of the camp except for the morning function on 1st July when the official celebration of H.H. Acharyashree’s 89th birthday took place. All participants were invited to attend it.


People showing their artificial limbs donated at the occasion of Acharyashree's birthday


Young mother with her son enjoying the donation of a wheel chair at the occasion of Acharyashree's birthday


Young monks honouring Acharyashree at the occasion of his birthday



Acharyashree’s birthday was a day of extra joy for those without resources suffering from heavy disadvantages. Their happiness was one focus of this celebration, the other was on songs & poems the young monks had prepared to honour H. H. Acharyashree. The monks already had expressed their best wishes at 04:00, Acharyashree’s traditional wake-up-time since his initiation nearly 80 years ago.

This week was filled with spiritual practice & dignified guidance inspired by life & personality of a great contemporary spiritual leader who is realising since so many years the doctrine of non-violence in his life & giving an idea to those who were lucky enough to meet him how life on this planet could & should be, as proofed by the fact that leading such a life is possible for a human being.

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