2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [06.2] Preksha Meditation Camp (2)

Published: 21.08.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012



Evening Gaman Yog - walk with awareness.

Outside we were just a group of people on an evening walk from and to Anuvibha Bhawan, Gaman Yog, 18:15 to 18:30. The dogs of the quarter knew better. They strolled up to a turn of the road where they supposed us to pass (we did), laid down peacefully and looked at us as if questioning, “What about you? Nothing in mind we can operate???” Next day they already waited for us at the turn of the road.

The first day of Preksha Meditation Camp had flown away, between 17:15 & 18:15 personal work & dinner had been scheduled. After early dinner there were no more meals until breakfast next morning. Some participants did not even take water after sunset. All considered the camp as an opportunity to directly experience the results of well-known traditions as no eatings after sunset until two hours after sunrise and also not even taking water then. This is also part of monks’ & nuns’ daily schedule.

For those cultivating different eating & drinking habits, this sounds perhaps weird, but it is not at all. There is a reason for these traditions, as simple as plausible. “There is a time for everything in life.” Meaning this is the best time for it.

The organisers of the camp had not only in mind to inspire the participants to adopt & experience these traditions, but also to activate the participants’ creativity in working it out. And they succeeded. People were ready for any experiment on this behalf from the moment they had stepped out their daily routine. Why did they feel ready now? There is a simple answer to this, because they felt secure, confident & encouraged in an environment where all this was no matter of discussion or argument or reaction, but considered meaningful action. In a very special sense one felt acting according to what one had wanted, although the schedule of the camp meticulously was designed by other persons from wake-up to fall asleep. Anticipated timing was in concordance not only with the biological clock, but also with the mind’s framing.

Perhaps the underlying secret is the double nature of everything. Where there is fixing, floating is also. Floating here, fixing there was part of the liberty to choose. Those who were present had decided to submit to a sequence of precisely scheduled activities. With most inner consent. In this case the freedom of choice was implied in the acceptance to strictly follow without the slightest divergence. This has to be practised with great awareness to not ending up in the wrong alley & only is possible in an environment beyond any doubt, 100% trust worthy.

In social life it is there where some conflict might come up, creating legitimate resistance. But here it was no question of social meeting, of social gathering. In a meditation camp spiritual consciousness in every individual is addressed. Not only addressed, but also inspired to develop & to grow.

For me the most interesting was to watch how this process was initiated. Not understanding the language served like some proof to me that in these spheres exchange of words is neither necessary, nor helpful. Words are too gross patterns of communication on the subtle level. It is only there where the self can be experienced. The self is the most true and sincere guide to what the mind only fathoms as impervious jungle of subtleties beyond the senses’ reach.


Evening Gaman Yog - walk with awareness.


Evening Gaman Yog - walk with awareness.


Darshan of Sadhvi Pramukha during evening Gaman Yog - walk with awareness.

This evening we stopped for Darshan of Sadhvi Pramukhaji & then continued our way back to Anuvibha Bhawan. During Gaman Yog we remained silent, neither of us needed to be reminded. Walking with awareness is one of the exercises to get used to awareness on whatever activity is performed. According to the saying, who is ever mindful has no need to say sorry. As all actions are performed fully aware of the consequences and without being coloured by any emotions, not to mention being reactions to anyone else’s emotions. It also means to stay in a meditative-perceptive mood while acting, which means not to act “mechanically”, but consciously. Besides, this also is a valuable tool against forgetfulness, a symptom causing fear of worsening when observed in daily routine.


Ranjit Dugar giving lecture & meditation session.

Last, but assuredly not least session of this day was conducted by Shri Ranjit Dugar. The session was started with total relaxation in Kayotsarga. Ranjit Dugar’s gentle voice suggested nothing than to relax, relax, relax. He did not stay there only, then guided us through Mangal Bhavana, ending up in a lecture on detailed features of Preksha Meditation where he introduced a new quality. Every ten minutes he interrupted his lecture in English language for a guided meditation never longer than 5 minutes. He extra for this put his alarm clock. It was fascinating to observe how he obeyed to his own rule, being a little surprised, even slightly puzzled at the first ring tone of the alarm clock, lesser at the second & enjoying the next to follow. Like this he made transparent his method to the audience, enabling it to experience the same empathically & to adopt consciously. A shortcut in successfully handing over skills, a masterpiece of inspiration & a realisation of effective transfer, a great achievement applicable to many a situation. The subject readily is allowed to enter all levels of the mind without any feeling of tiredness.

An unfamiliar sensation to us, the mind being relaxed as well as activated, but not involved in giving any suggestions to the body. Body is kept still, without stiffness & any activity of muscles or nerves. Mind is totally occupied by perceiving what is going on, and when some gentle voice like Ranjit Dugar’s is giving guidance, nothing is more likely than to perceive and observe the inner movements.


Ranjit Dugar taking Darshan of Sadhvi Rajimati.

On our way to the bus back to Kingwin Filmstudios, Kanchanji & I stopped for Darshan of Sadhvi Rajimati. The house where she stayed was directly en route. We were surprised to meet her enthusiastic student there! Ranjit Dugar said that all he knew & so wonderfully had handed over to us was due to the able guidance of Sadhvi Rajimati. The importance of such guidance is not to underestimate. Perhaps it is best described by the position of a mentor. But who nowadays is trustworthy enough to be a mentor? This only can be someone sharing interest in both, the guided person and the subject, equally endowed with unshakeable trust that the guided person will handle the subject in the right way sooner or later.

The possibility of addressing someone who has a deep knowledge of & a high affection for life in all its facets is important for the process ignited in Preksha Meditation. It also requires a strong, equally devoted & resolved attitude. Whenever doubts are visiting the mind, there has to be a clear message of “being possible” instead of “impossible” or “perhaps possible?”. One good example more where the interaction between lay followers & ordained is resulting in. Curiously those who turned their back to the world untiringly are working for its betterment. It is obviously that what makes the difference.

After catching the luggage & entering the room, I very fast fell asleep. The arrival of a third roommate hardly touched my mind preoccupied with the meditation early next morning at 05.00 which I gladly had accepted to guide.

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