Dimensional Views [ 01.03 ] Euclidian Dimensions: 1 - 2 - 3

Published: 09.02.2006
Updated: 22.05.2008
dimension geometrical object measure
1 line

m 1

2 plane

m 2

3 space

m 3

Dimensions with integer numbers (in whole numbers) are known as Euclidian Dimensions, originally limited to 1 - 2 - 3 dimensions.

For hundreds of years these were the natural dimensions giving us the

  1. length
  2. width
  3. height

of objects from the material world.

Euklid himself was not sure if a point really exists, because it has no quality like size and orientation - only position.

Just in special cases, when e.g. 2 lines are crossing, they do this in one point, such a point only had a proofed existence for Euklid.

So he dropped zero (0) as a dimension.

Nevertheless, the point finally became the representative of zero (0) dimensions.
The next chapter will tell how.


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