Dimensional Views - 1D Example

Published: 17.01.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Have a seat on the flying carpet for a dimensional tour through views of our inner and outer worlds and amazing structures.

Approach by splitting into two questions:

  1. Where do we come from?
  2. Where do we go to?

To visualise the approach we choose the geometrical performance of

  • 2 points (locations)
  • 1 line (time)

On stage: Life


1.start 2.end

1.start There was a point in time we entered this world
2.end There will be a point in time we will leave this world.

Development and meaning of Life happens on the time line between these 2 points.

2 different modes:

a) Materialistic View

When you see only the time line of life, ignoring start- and endpoints,

time of life



lifetime becomes limited and measured.

The materialistic view of life takes advantage of limitations & measurement.

      • The straight connection between 2 points is a line, drawn by the speed of light in your mind.
      • This line is a symbol, an abstract idea and effective function for the straightest way to reach an abstract aim.

b) Spiritual View

  • A point has no real size, it's a symbol for coming into existence (expansion) and existence coming to the point (concentration).

Taking the 2 points as the condition for the time line of life is the spiritual approach:

  • The connection between 2 points is an unlimited sequence of points (steps) until last point is reached as the last step.

The Dimensional View

This little controversy is directed by dimensional objects and their rules:

The point presents zero dimensions, mathematical symbol: 0

The line presents the 1st dimension, mathematical symbol: 1

and to continue the list of integer dimensions:

  • An area presents the 2nd dimension, mathematical symbol: 2
  • A cube presents the 3rd dimension, mathematical symbol: 3
  • A tesseract presents the 4th dimension, mathematical symbol: 4

A tesseract is an object of 4dimensional quality and will be presented in the next chapter.

The 4th dimension is generally associated with time, which always plays a role, also in the above play, when the pace of a movement is mentioned.

So we have named the integer (Euklidian) dimensions as 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


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