HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.11 Taranagar - Honoured With A Shawl

Published: 21.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

21st November 2006, 08:30 - 11:00


In India it is a custom that women’s hands are painted with henna for special occasions. Without knowing what a special occasion was waiting for us this morning, Karuna got the opportunity for hand painting with henna. It could not have been more suitable.
After morning Darshan, Aparigraha suddenly had vanished. Karuna had met some Samanijis she knew from former visits, and accompanied them for a short talk. When she came back, she met Swami Dharmanandji who talked to some friends. They then went for breakfast to Suranas' home, as surely they would meet Aparigraha there also. To walk with Swami Dharmanandji through Taranagar is a special experience, as many people greeted him and stopped for a talk.


When Swami Dharmanandji and Karuna reached Suranas’ home, Yuvacharyashree was about to leave; he had taken some food the family offered to him. And who was already there? Aparigraha was following Yuvacharyashree when he went for alms. We all had breakfast, and Kanchan Pugalia afterwards proposed to paint Karuna’s hand with henna. When it was done, we went to Oswal Bhavan for morning function.


Many people were streaming to Oswal Bhawan to attend morning function, old friends met again, and an increasing number of people filled the tent. Swami Dharmanandji sat down with us on the stage. We did neither wonder nor have an idea why.


Two Samanijis recited prayers, then a group of Sadhvishrees did another recitation. The tent was nearly full, when Yuvacharyashree arrived. People were happy to see him, and we admired him for the huge task he is carrying out every day.




The Sangh gathered without the presence of Acharyashree. H.H. was not feeling well and we were told that he has gone into deep Kayotsarg.


Yuvacharyashree was listening to Dr. Baid who addressed the audience, but as he spoke in Rajasthani, we were not able to follow. Then the gentleman who compered the function was addressing to us, and Swami Dharmanandji was telling us that we would be awarded with shawls! We were speechless. All three of us got a beautiful shawl, and Yuvacharyashree said to us (simultaneously translated by Swami Dharmanandji), “Karuna is full of compassion, Aparigraha is fully detached.” We got in very high spirits hearing this.


Unfortunately we cannot report what he said to Swami Dharmanandji, as we did not understand the language, and Swami Dharmanandji had stopped to translate, as he was addressed by Yuvacharyashree.


We also were gifted with books.


Swami Dharmanandji is bowing down in front of Yuvacharyashree.


Samani Pratibha Pragyaji was coming along when the function was over, and we were happy to meet her again. She was in a hurry and talked to Swami Dharmanandji and then left.

For us, this was a morning full of surprises and happiness.

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