HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.10 Taranagar - Yuvacharyashree Goes For Alms

Published: 19.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

21st November 2006, 07:30

Every morning, Yuvacharya Mahashramanji goes for alms. Four monks and lay followers are with him. It is seen as very auspicious when Yuvacharyashree enters a house and accepts food.


People carefully prepare for Yuvacharyashree’s visit to their house. Months before, they are meticulously planning the works necessary to present the family’s home at its best. Yuvacharyashree gave the honour of his visit to five houses this morning.


Yuvacharyashree has an enormous speed when he walks from one house to the other. Before starting, lay followers coordinate the route. Yuvacharyashree visits every house he is invited to come for alms.


The tradition of giving alms to the saints is seen as highly honourable, everybody is eager to receive them in his house. Sometimes the family seat is no longer the home of the whole family; sometimes the houses are inhabited only for a certain time. Anyway, people feel very happy about the saints' visit.


The lay followers who went with Yuvacharyashree kept silence, well aware of the unique situation they enjoyed now. The young monks accompanying Yuvacharyashree took the food to Oswal Bhawan where the saints then took breakfast.

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