Pratishtha Mahotsav At London Oshwal Centre (05) - Bhaktamar Stotra Puja

Published: 04.09.2005
Updated: 17.11.2010

Bhaktamar Stotra Puja took place in the big main tent, one day before the Pratimas were brought to the temple. The tree, in front of which editor Karuna Jain is sitting, symbolises life, as do the coconuts positioned in all four directions. Coconut is used as reminder how we are supported by nature; its juice and flesh nourish us, its skin might be used for utensils as plates, dishes, and cups, or for decoration, as little statues or even necklaces and bracelets, the leaves of its tree as roofs, the wood of its tree for furniture or even huts.

The tables at her side and behind her are used during Puja, as we will see.

The musicians are all from India, belonging to the team of Jain Vidhikar. They gave a tambourine to editor Karuna Jain and they started all with music for good spirit.

Ready for Puja, some devotees have taken their places around the Puja table, all dressed in ceremonial cloths.

After purification of the place with peacock feathers, the angels are invited through removing any impurities from the place by sprinkling water softly and reciting of auspicious mantras.

Every attendant tries to decide which special action will be taken during a chosen span of time. Then coloured threads are distributed as reminders to this vow; they are bound as bracelets and will dissolve themselves one day.

Then all 48 Stotras of Bhaktamar are recited; 48 glasses filled with different coloured water are removed from the altar, and put on the foreseen place at the tree of life. The tree is made from rice corns and decorated with natural leaves and homemade sweets by devotees.

Shree Chitrabhanuji is giving his blessings. In some earlier encounter, he had stated that the custom of these rituals around Pratishta Mahotsav exists over thousand years. At the times of Lord Mahavira, there was no such ritualistic tradition, there was meditation only. As all of us have different approaches to the higher reality, and meditation is the most difficult according to Chitrabhanuji. He continued, that rituals were installed to meet the needs of people for being involved with the higher reality on the ritual level.

Dinesh & Latika Shah felt most happy this day. It was their wedding anniversary, when Bhaktamar Stotra Puja was celebrated. 35 years ago, when they got married in east Africa, they would have never dreamt of such an auspicious occasion in the future.

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