Navkar Mahamantra

Published: 28.10.2013

Tansen and Baijubavra had demonstrated before the Moghul Empire the miraculous effects of sound energy by bringing down rains and lighting lamps while they rendered the melodies. The ritual incantation of this Maha Mantra liberates tremendous energy which can unravel the Karma bondage of the Soul and make it shine in all its glory. This energy can also convert the wicked into the virtuous, the cruel into the kind hearted, the dishonest into the honest and an atheist into a behiever.

I am greatly indebted to the revered Acharya Mahaprajna, Acharya Padam Sagar Suri and Acharya Shiv Muni for devoting their invaluable time in perusing this humble work, appreciating it and scripting their thoughts on it. Born out of a deep insight of Jain philosophy and the Navkar Mantra, their blessings will prove to be a feather in the cap of this treatise. I am grateful to respected Muni Shali Bhadraji for his inspiration.



Prakash Sancheti

Publisher: Navkar Textile, Jodhpur, India
Edition: Edition 2012
Read online: Navkar Mahamantra
Bookshop: Navkar Textile, Behind New Power Home, 44, Heavy Industrial Area, JODHPUR (Raj.) Tel.: (0291) 2740098 / 2740046 Mob.: 09829020046
Pages: 2 x 52 pages + 13 plates
Dimensions: 21,5 x 30,0 x 13,0 cm
Weight: 876 g


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