31.01.2012 ►Visiting Ranakpur Adinatha Jain Temple

Published: 03.03.2012
Updated: 30.11.2012

2012 Karuna's Mewar Tour

Finally we arrived at Ranakpur Jain Temple. I had heard a lot of it, and was eager to compare my impressions with what I had read about this renowned monument of Jain pilgrimage. Recalling the history of the temple, I understood why I had been advised to first visit Fort Kumbhal Garh, and then Adinatha Temple at Ranakpur. Rana Kumbha, in the 15th century CE king of Mewar, had not only built Fort Kumbhal Garh, 2nd Mewar Fort after Chittor, but also patronized the erection of this awesome location for Jain pilgrims and devotees. Rana Kumbha was a man of great culture. Apart from being a Rajput ruler, which means he was an expert in fighting and a very courageous man, he brought forward the arts, music, and literature during his regency. And additional to that, last not least, he was man of religious tolerance towards those who did not aim at snatching away his kingdom from him.

At Ranakpur Jain Temple taking photographs is allowed when a donation of 50 IR for photos, 150 IR for videos had been made. The areal of the temple is rather broad. There is a guesthouse, like in all Jain temples also for overnight stay, and a place where food and water or tea can be purchased. Further a small Adinath temple beside the famous one.

Directly after entering the temple one gets sight of breathtaking works of art. The fine marble carvings are beautifully integrated in the total work of art. When the glance wanders up to the dome one might risk muscular rigidity in the neck, because of staying too long in an inadequate attitude. One wonders how these finest carved garlands have been fixed on the top of a column. The secret is that the craftsmen were working on the marble block after it had been placed. After the marble block had been placed, there was no further moving. The craftsmen had to take care not to work unwarily. Otherwise the whole procedure to place the rock and to start carving had to be repeated. Further they had to observe the statics to bring no disequilibrium to the columns and domes.

The photos are a small selection of the wonders of art waiting at Ranakpur Jain Temple to be admired, and to inspire uplifting thoughts of spiritual heights.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

View on Ranakpur Temple from guesthouse Entry to Temple Rules of conduct in temple Entry to Ranakpur Temple View from entry to top Channel with columns Beautifully carved marble columns from columns to top Famous top with incredibly fine carvings Garlands & columns Finest carving in detail Breathtaking top! Bell & finest carved columns Bell in action Pujaris of Ranakpur Temple Patio with columns Patio with blocked area of temple Depiction of Marudevi, mother of 1st Tirthankara Rishabha/Adinatha, riding on an elephant Columns near Sanctum Depiction of musician & dancer View on domes on top of columns View on Shikhara Corridor to Sanctum Beautifully carved dome Depiction of Adinatha, 1st Tirthankara Rishabha Part of nandīśvara-dvīpa-paṭa, according to Jaina geography the utmost of the 7 cercle continents. Relief depicting 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanath with a marble carved hood, designed like teeth of cobra Marudevi riding on an elephant Temple in its landscape Front side view Entry of second, much smaller Ranakpur Jain Temple Statue of 1st Tirthankara Rishabha/Adinatha in small Ranakpur Jain Temple Outside view of small Ranakpur Jain Temple View to courtyard from small Ranakpur Jain Temple ...someone said,"You should have your photo from here..." and took it. Thanks! View on Adinatha Temple, also named Dharna Vihara after its constructor Dharna Seth, from small temple

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