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Published: 01.03.2012
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2012 Karuna's Mewar Tour

After the third and last day of the festival of rules it is called Maryada Mahotsava. On this day Maryada Patra, the letter of conduct on which Terapanth order was established is shown to the attendant crowd. That is the height of this religious gathering, and so is the lining up of the saints.

On this 3rd day of 148th Maryada Mahotsav the audience felt very much inspired by a monk’s recitation of a song on Acharya Bhikshu. The song was rather long and lasted for about 20 minutes. The refrain of the song came after every new verse. The longer the recitation took, the more people in the audience sang the refrain along with the monk. More and more people stood up from their seats, enjoying their happiness to identify with the message of the song and to share their feelings with so many others. Even I sang along, as the refrain was easy to remember.

After this wonderful experience Acharya Mahashraman gave a speech and made some announcements. I was sitting among the ladies, and was astonished when some of them pointed at me and smiled. But as we did not share a common language, I did not know what they meant and clueless smiled back. Someone murmured that HH had mentioned a German lady, and I wondered who it might be. I had not seen any German lady there. I was the only one as far as I knew.

Then it was time for the lining up of the saints. I approached the stage and started to make photos. One Samani passing in the usual hurry asked me if I had expressed my feelings of thanks towards Acharya Mahashraman. Perhaps I was looking very astonished; anyway, she asked me if I knew that I had been awarded[1] with the title of Kalyan Mitra. I did not know! She advised me to approach HH on stage and to express my feelings of thanks. So I did and hurried towards Acharya Mahashraman. HH smilingly looked at me and said, “You should do good deeds.” I replied, “I will.” Again I noticed the brilliant glow in his eyes coming from deep inside. I really felt very, very happy after this short, but intensive interaction. Who nowadays is looking this way at someone? There was openness, acceptance and respect in his glance, and an infinite presence, all in one single moment. This is what all of us can do to each other, be present in every single moment, and open, and full of acceptance and respect towards self and each other.

Meanwhile the lining up of the saints was complete. All monks stood at the side of the gents, all Sadhvis at the side of the ladies, and all Samanis on the middle corridor. It was a very touching experience to see all the saints lining up as if protecting the lay followers. The saints went back to their seats, Acharya Mahashraman again addressed the audience, and after this the celebration of 148th Maryada Mahotsav was over. See you next year for 149th Maryada Mahotsav!

Acharya Mahashraman addressing the gathering before the lining up of the saints Acharya Mahashraman & monks on stage Samanijis preparing for lining up (background), technicians at work Sadhvishrees bowing down to Sadhvi Pramukha & Acharya Mahashraman Monks lining up, 2nd l Muni Kishanlal Monks advancing for lining up Monks lining up at gent's side Sadhvis preparing for lining up Sadhvis lining up at ladies' side Samanis lining up in the central corridor at ladies' side, Samani Madhur Pragya (1st r), Samani Kusum Pragya (2nd r)., Samani Akshay Pragya (4th r),Samani Malli Pragya (last). Samani Satya Pragya (1st r) and other Samanis lining up Samani Rohit Pragya (3rd r) & other Samanis lining up Samani Ramaniya Pragya (3rd r) Samanis lining up & part of audience Samanis lining up & colorful ladies in audience Monks lining up & male audience Gent's side of audience Ladies' side of audience Audience Outside view Access route Outside view Audience applauding a monk's performance of a spiritual song on Acharya Bhikshu Akruti Dak talking on mobile phone with her friend Garima Grandma and grandson Tejas

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