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Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [41.6] Diksha - Starting Into New Life (3)

Published: 10.02.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

The Samani-to-be then gave a representative speech to the audience. She had accepted to express the common thoughts of the female aspirants which had brought about their decision to dedicate their lives completely to spirituality and to leave behind all worldly relations and aims. They all had contributed to the speech which was no more showing a worldly individual addressing the audience, but an individual who had left the ties of material bondage for spiritual liberation and evaluation.

When the audience was left to own reflections, everyone visibly was touched by the words of the young aspirant. Most of the spectators seemed like taken in prison by the past moments, nothing seemed to happen neither in present, nor in future, the first determining the latter. It was a situation unlike Sleeping Beauty, where everyone had to stop own activites as a result of being part of the destiny coined chain of events, here everyone stopped own activities to serve for the aspirants as a gate from material world to spiritual..

Then the speech of Kamal's former brother-in-law released the nearly magical situation. He who seemed like in trance in the beginning, now unbanned the audience and brought it back to present. He was standing at the micro as if his attitude towards life was never different from that of a Muni.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman thanked the speekers and spoke prayers, while Kamal's former brother-in-law left the hall for putting on his new dress and shaving his hair.

Next, Sadhvi Pramukha Mahashrami Kanakprabhaji delivered her speech, while the future nuns left the hall also for changing dresses and shaving hair. After having expressed their inner reality, the aspirants absented themselves from public for preparing to make their new state of being visible for everyone.

Then Acharya Mahaprajna outlined the consequences of the aspirants' decision regarding their new family. By leaving their worldly relations behind, he said, they will find a new family ready to affiliate them. As a visible sign for the world, they will get new names from the head of their new family, Acharya Mahaprajna himself. He also welcomed the new members to address him in any situation of need for advise and guidance.

Then a new person entered the stage, conducted by his worldly father. Kamal's former brother-in-law had vanished, a completely different person appeared on the stage ten minutes later. The audience followed the situation in breathless silence, some people immediately went in deep meditation, grasping the opportunity to join the saints for a short while. The Muni bowed down his shorn head, took his seat, and his worldly father left the stage. Everyone realised that this was not only symbolically that this man had left the stage of his son's life as a father.

The muni soundlessly recited prayers.

Then a group of another 6 white clad persons approached.

They sat down where the bride clad aspirants have had their seats.


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