Ahimsa, For A Peaceful Life

Published: 18.07.2009
Updated: 18.07.2009

The Pioneer

The anatomy of human brain is very unique. It has billions and trillions of neurons and their connections that are very complex and perhaps remarkable. If there is a mechanism in brain that causes anger, there is also another one which prevents it. There is an in-built inner system that controls or stimulates our emotions. It is quite natural for our heart to be affected adversely if there is an uncontrollable state of anger.

Similarly, if the human brain has a mechanism that instigates violence, it has another one, which inspires ahimsa (non-violence). Both the systems that cause peace and non-violence are present in our brain. In order to create respect for life it is necessary for us to awaken that part of the brain that stores peace and non-violence but remains dormant. It is only then that the discussion about world peace can proceed further. The human brain has two hemispheres: While one is active, the other lies dormant. It is necessary that the hemisphere which is more active is harmonised and that one which lying dormant is awakened.

Let us see an example of the human lifestyle today. When does a modern man sleep? Ordinarily he sleeps at midnight. There are some who sleep at 1 am, 2 am or even at 3 am. They are not able to wake up till it is almost noon. How can we discuss peace with such people? Their brain lies asleep at a time when it is conducive to peace. Earlier, people used to get up at braham muhurat (the time that begins at 4 am and continues till the sunrise) considered the ideal time to get up.

Even the scientists of today say that the time from 4 am onwards in the morning is the time for the secretion of serotonin chemical. It is proved that the more serotonin is secreted, the more one will experience peace and joy. One who doesn’t get this secretion will remain restless. It is quite natural that the restless mind will continue to think of violence, unrest and conflict and he will also be inclined to them. When I look at the modern lifestyle, it appears to me that non-violence cannot flourish till it is changed. Similarly, we must set time for eating, sleeping, etc.

We must awaken our consciousness of peace and non-violence by combining knowledge with the science of living.

The Pioneer - by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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