Life's Philosophy And Meditation

Published: 23.03.2009
Updated: 24.07.2009

The Splendour

We have no clear concept about life. Some people do think about it but most do not. All that people know is about the body, a little about the mind and quite a lot about how to earn a living. In fact, the daily needs have become so demanding that most of our time is spent in finding ways of fulfilling them.

Upadhyay Yashovijayi has described the necessities of life: The first problem is that man is extremely worried about his desire to have food and water. The second problem is that his mind is restless to have clothing, living accommodation and its decoration. The third problem is that he has a constant desire to marry, have children and obtain the beautiful objects of sensual pleasure. With all these entanglements how can he stay healthy?

We never take an overall view of life, nor do we seriously think about it. All our attention is concentrated on the body. Even if we keep well-groomed only externally, we do not know how to take true care of it. We just care a little about our physical health, although we like to keep it perfect and are worried about it. Going one step beyond physical health, we hardly worry about and work for the health of our sense organs. If the sense organs are not healthy, the body cannot at all be healthy. Have we ever paid special attention to the ears, eyes, nose and tongue? If the tongue is not well, it will create a big problem. It has a deep connection with life. In the Science of Tantra deep consideration has been given to the five senses of perception, eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, and the five organs of action, hands, feet, larynx, organs of reproduction and anus. If these organs are not healthy, life can never be happy. The tongue is also connected with the reproductive organs. If the tongue is not well, not properly restrained, the sexual organs will be highly excited and create hindrances in life.

The tongue is very important. Speech is its secondary function. Its main function is tasting, relishing and making the individual aware of its effects. We do not try to discipline the tongue taking into consideration the effect on the body of what we eat. Meditation cannot be successful in the case of a person who is unaware of the fact that the temptation of the tongue makes the mind fickle. It is a big secret.

The primary function of the nose is to smell. Smell has a great influence on the mind and therefore it affects life itself. The more disciplined the nose and the greater the practice of meditating on the Center of Vitality (the nose), the greater the control on the mind. From one point of view, the nose, the eyes etc., act as the switchboard of the mind. One has to know when to turn the switch on and when to turn it off. One who knows all about the switchboard succeeds in discovering the secrets of the brain.

Splendour, by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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