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An Integrated Personality

Published: 17.12.2008
Updated: 17.12.2008

Daily News & Analysis

The meaningful solution of 'problem' is to develop an integrated personality. Psychology deals with dual and non-dual personalities. A disintegrated and split personality is very dangerous and it is vital to evolve an integrated personality. Some people are focused on religion only, while others are focused on community. This gives only a limited vision. There is a need to have a balanced approach towards religion and community for an integrated personality.

Mahavira proposed two principles: transcendental and empirical. When we want to work, we should be empirical and when we want to attain the truth then we should move to the transcendental level. We cannot attain truth, while existing in an empirical world and we cannot conduct our life with a transcendental approach. Both life and truth are important. Life has to be lived and we have to reach the truth.

Therefore, we have to develop an integrated personality. Prekshadhyana is the practice of spirituality. People practicing Prekshadhyana are actually practicing spirituality, which takes them to the self. There is a lot of difference between the within (internal) and without (external). Externally we may like a thing but while seeking within we may observe it differently.

All religious people say that happiness and sorrow are felt through our sense organs. The above statement will appear false to a person living in the sensual world. But only the person who has meditated within his inner Self and activated his conscious centres, can understand the true nature of happiness. Only the person who has reached that level can understand why the spiritual masters don't consider external pleasure as happiness. In their opinion, external bliss is very weak and dull as compared to internal bliss, but if a person has never understood the inner Self, how can he have an integrated personality?

He cannot understand it at all. This realisation comes only when man has looked within. True faith in religion and spirituality can exist only in that person who has realised it from the very depth of his consciousness. Concentration leads to peace and bliss. Bliss is basically our electric vibrations that exist within merged with our mind. Actually, bliss is experienced only when our inner vibrations get activated with the concentration of the mind. Actual bliss lies within, though we have assumed this to be available outside in the mundane world.

It is only because, when our mind is burden free, we experience happiness. When the state of the mind changes the state of happiness also changes. This truth is grasped only when we are aware of our inner Self and the external world. Our personality is integrated when we experience the within (internal) as well as the without (external).

Daily News & Analysis - by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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