View Point: New Dawn For The New Year

Published: 30.12.2007
Updated: 10.11.2008

Central Chronicle
Friday December 28, 2007

The scientists today are carrying out studies and research into Innumerable subjects. They are also publishing reports from time to time which provide us with an opportunity to understand ecology and environment and also bestow on us an in depth experience of human problems. These studies are, however, lacking in the investigation or survey of human development. We can thus conclude that in the global society there is a rat race for economic development, materialistic development and the development of the means of comfort but human development is being lost sight of. This one-sided view as well as the endeavor is creating a long list of problems. Solutions are also being investigated but they themselves are becoming problems on account of this lopsided approach. The truth is that any development that ignores human development cannot solve the problem. Let us not think of human development only on the basis of materialistic development. Human development is, in reality, the development of consciousness. It is the development of that consciousness on the basis of which one can dream of a truly happy life, free from physical and mental diseases, free from infatuation with material objects, free from tension, full of peace and tranquility.

The quest of the subtle truth is necessary but it should not trigger our desire for consumerism, luxury and comfort. Man's propensity for consumerism and hedonism has rendered the problem of environment complicated. The irony is that even those countries which believe that man's hedonistic mentality should be curbed are trying to belie the truth. In this race for monopolizing development, market and globalize situation, a whirl of stupefaction or infatuation is set in motion. As a result individual, society and nation are being carried away by it and start whirling around wealth and materialistic objects. In order to ensure human survival what is imperative is that this vicious circle is put an end to so that man may visualize the golden horizon free from tension, criminality, and addiction to drugs and violence. On the auspicious occasion of the New Year, I hope that a new wave of enthusiasm will prevail giving birth to a new man. Let the voice of the resolute determination of a life of self-restraint to save the earth reverberate through the cosmos.

Central Chronicle, by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg.
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