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Published: 02.11.2011


Vidyānanda was a Karnataka Jaina ascetic, who is famous for his scholarship in logic. In his works he has not mentioned any thing about his personal life.

In his work Yuktyanuśāsana he has used the word Satya-vākya, what led some scholars to the suggestion that this relates him to the Gaga king of the same name and to the kingdom, known as Gagā-vāi. If he is the contemporary of Satya-vākya, who was on the throne in A.D. 816, his time may be fixed as the 9th century A.D.

His important works are:
  • Āpta-parīkā,
  • Aṣṭa-sāhasrī,
  • Patra-parīkā,
  • Pramāa-parīkā,
  • Satya-śāsana-parīkā,
  • Tattvārtha-śloka-vārtika,
  • Yuktyanuśāsana


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