Shasan Shree Sadhvi Kanchan Prabha

Published: 27.01.2015
साध्वी कंचन प्रभा


Born: 1942, Sujangarh

Terapanth Info

ID: 1318
Diksha: 1962, Udaipur by Acharya Tulsi


  • Title of Shasan Shree was given on 26.01.2015 by Acharya Mahashraman

Birth place:

Sujangarh, Rajasthan, India
Birth date: 1942 - [Samvat-1999 savan badi-15]
Diksha: 1962 - [Samvat2019 kartik badi 9] by Acharya Tulsi
Diksha place: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Head of Group 1981 - [Samvat 2038]
Group members 1. Sadhvi Manjurekhaji
2. Sadhvi Uditprabhaji.
3. Sadhvi Shree Nirbhayprabhaji.
4. Sadhvi Shree Manuyashaji
Books written Swr Saurabh,
Katch Me Terapant: Udgam Prachar,
Chintan Charya,
Jeevan Ro Ahobhagya
Visited States: Assam, West-Bengal, Sikkim, Nepal, Bihar, Bhutan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Hariyana, Punjab, Rajasthan
Languages: Expert in Agam and Prakrit
Her group of Sadhvis: from left:
Sadhvi Manjurekhaji - Sadhvi Kanchan Prabhaji - Sadhvi Udit Prabhaji - Sadhvi Nirbhay Prabhaji - Sadhvi Manuyashaji End of November 2005, Sadhvi Kanchanprabhaji and her group left Kolkatta at the end of their sixth Chaturmas there. They went on Padyatra for Guru Darshan, aiming to reach Punjab for Maryada Mahotsav in February 2006. Since ten years, this is her first encounter with her Guru again, and also her first gathering with all other Sadhvishrees and the Sangh.



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