Ahimsa Yatra : Amargarh

Published: 23.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Amargarh, 23.03.2006

H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna and Ahimsa Yatra spreading the message of morality, peace and non-violence reached Amargarh where they stayed at S.S. School. Acharyashree gave his message to the gathering, “ There are two words, eternal and death. One creates fearlessness the other creates fear. Those who have exceeded the senses have found eternal bliss and immortality. We all should search the eternal in the transitory. When the consciousness of non-violence is awakened, we start to reach the eternal.

Some people get big ego when they see deprived persons and feel deprived when they see people higher ranked than them. Both, ego and feelings of being deprived are emotions of violence. We should neither cherish ego nor feelings of being deprived, but should feel the purity of soul and get energy from it.

According to the science of neurology, a man uses only 8-10 % of the neurons of his brain. Rest of the mental power lies dormant. Everyone should increase his power through non-violence.

In addition, one should not become sad in life. Sadness is also a kind of violence. Many people take to commit suicide because of ignorance, imprudence and negligence. Anger is another dangorous attutude. When persons become very angry, they loose nine hours of their life.

When non-violence is adopted, the right things can be taught. It is necessary to understand in depth the subtleness of violence and non-violence. The problem is that we do not recognise that the sorrows of life are produced by violence. One should live in one's limit, be polite, and should neither try to snatch the rights of others nor to cheat them. We human beings possess body and speaking power, which is not found in any other living being. We all should utilise it for the welfare of humanity. Realising one's powers is possible through non-violence.


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