Editorial 2007-38

Published: 22.09.2007
Updated: 29.09.2020


"khamemi savve jive, savve jiva khamantu me/
metti me savva bhuesu, veram majjha na kenai //"

"I Grant Forgiveness To All Living Beings, May All Living Beings Grant Me Forgiveness, My Friendship Is With All Living Beings, My Enmity Is Totally Non-Existent
(Let There Be Peace, Harmony and Prosperity For ALL)"

On the pious occasion of Kshamapana we beg your pardon even for a slightest bit of inconvenience caused through our mind, speech and body during the past years.

"The Art of Devotion has got all the best pieces from the European museums including V&A, British Museum, and Berlin on Indian Temple Sculpture in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism." "The Art of Devotion has got all the best pieces from the European museums including V&A, British Museum, and Berlin on Indian Temple Sculpture in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism."

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Festival of Forgiveness

Paryushan is the most beautiful festival to celebrate. It encourages us to think over our relations in a way, resulting very often in contacting those again to whom the relations were broken. Paryushan encourages us to look on relations from the birds’ view, and very often, this motivates us to look differently on it.

Differently means in the way, we either can accept that we are missing some relations that we recognise the little gap we have to bridge to restore it, or can accept and bear that no bridges can be built to other galaxies up to now. But this does not hinder us to hope that one day this might be possible, against all facts known up to now.

And that’s why Paryushan is most spiritual festival for me. When spirituality is motivating us to think, speak, and act according to the insight we have gained through it, it is enriching or live and renders its paths happier. This process of purification makes us rise to the challenge of life.

Paradoxically, we gain this strength e.g. by the way of fasting, by refusing food to our material form of existence it is used to receive. This act of refusal similarly activates and inspires our immaterial existence, we are thinking more than usual on those to whom food and shelter are inaccessible. And we recognise that THIS is the enemy we have to fight against, our lethargy towards the destiny of our fellow beings. The fasting period during Paryushan gives us the chance to spend our time on such reflections instead of fulfilling our material need like usual. Nothing against it, we all are happy when we are back to normal. However, the reflection on what is normal, this means Paryushan for me.

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Listen to 12 year old Severn Suzuki at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992....

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